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Just as the case was when I read BAKUMAN, it is highly difficult for me to just take in this cheery story about kids making manga without seeing a vivid mental image of the animators choking back a bitter sneer. It must be an act of the cruelest self-parody to be making a show about how exciting and carefree it is to put together a regular 500-page magazine anthology - - as if it were as easy as planning a dinner party.

Look, it’s all supposed to be light and entertaining, and I realize I’m being a real grump here. However, I’m sure that the very last thing mangakas’ grueling, inhuman work schedules would allow any time for is a flirty, spontaneous photo-shoot that don’t have any apparent bearing on the actual production of the magazine. As such, while that scene’s intended to be funny on one level, I find it darkly amusing on a completely different level.

Once again, I can’t help but take a step back and wonder if the real humor of the material lays in an involved, and very dry, joke that’s being played on the viewer. See, what’s really funny about the teens’ shenanigans in these episodes is that they’re exactly the sort of distractions that a bunch of dabblers would get distracted with before getting to any of the actual work of producing a magazine.

This is actually my first encounter with an anime micro-series (outside of… * BARF * HETALIA), so I don’t know how long it’s supposed to go on for. I do find it hilarious how the intro takes up a good third of each episode’s actually running time, so I'm just tickled thinking that it might be a portent that the series will end with the girls losing interest in this whim before they actually put out a single issue.

That'd be a hell of punch line, wouldn't it?

Watch this episode, "This is Comic Earth Star's Editorial Staff " here and decide for yourself.

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When I saw the title for the show I thought, "Wow! A topical show about transgender individuals." Needless to say the first episode threw me through a loop... "Mangirl" has to be the worst portmanteau ever.
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@NickyCharisma: Had almost same thought but then figured it was a Ranma ½ rip off or troupe ..then read about the show an thought im not intrested in it either way :/

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I have to say the title is so misleading lol Now I know that it comes from Manga + Girls but still they could come up with something better,

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All comments of this show involve making fun of the pun that has a totally different meaning in English. That's how much we care about this show.

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I got a chance to try a few episodes. It wasn't for me with its random humor and cuteness.

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