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Whooooo. That was a lot more politicking than I ever expected from a show about a lil’ blue-haired moppet with a magic flute…

Again, the timing’s funny, because the last GAME OF THRONES episode also had plenty of intrigue regarding royal marriages and all their strategic significance. More or less, I’m getting the 13+ version of the fantasy epic here, and the 18+ fantasy version on Sundays, with all the varying degrees of whimsy, adventure and complexity in between. Which is to say - - all the bargaining in Abhmad’s court might’ve seemed a lot more complex last week, before I watched the really complex breed of royal bargaining. At this juncture, MAGI now seems to have a nicely manageable level of complexity.

There are really too many balls in the air for me to predict where any of them are going to fall next episode. However, it is rather amusing to read Alibaba’s frantically-devised solutions as really just a case of him talking and talking until he luckily stumbles onto a solution that at least sounds right.

As I noted a couple times before, what’s interesting about MAGI is that it finds more fantastical “Gordian Knot” solutions to feudal conflicts that’d otherwise be rather protracted. In another show, it might be too convenient for the foreign princess to show up to court on the eve of her royal wedding, and at the exact moment of a coup d’etat that's invalidating that union. But considering how she can easily take her an entire entourage on a flying carpet to wherever she needs to go, that sort of blunt directness is still playing by the rules. Got to appreciate this particulars of this universe, no?

By the way… has anybody been keeping tracking of how many episodes Aladdin’s been KO’ed for? I didn’t occur to me until Alibaba visited the little guy at the end, but this show’s been missing its lead character for a pretty solid stretch of time.

A question then… is that more or less frustrating than all the time Goku spends on Snake Way?

Watch this episode, “Alibaba's Answer" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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if i actualy cared about Aladdin as a character id go back an look.Tho at this point it feels like every 3rd episode ko'ed or so really.Hes started out as a lickspittle had his moment of character building an keeps back sliding it seems.If they can make him into a character i like as the series goes on i will be impressed.

Also whole princes sub plot has bit more to it .MAGI does something few shonen do well . it weaves subplots well into a chain of events with out filler.Warning your getn close to episode where the animation quality does drop here an there a bit.

Kinda dispaointed no one went for the moneky joke here to.

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Aladdin is not Goku. Goku gets knocked out for a lot of episodes, and when he comes back, people are already dead.

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