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Welcome, Anime Vice Community! With the regular SHONEN JUMP series on break, I took much of the week to relax. Tom, on the other hand, was hard at work bringing you Vice Pit videos on PRINCESS KAGUYA, the definitive Best of 2014, and the value behind Slice-of-Life series. One of my favorite articles was the discussion on if COWBOY BEBOP can still be considered as relevant as it once was. That's a topic I'm sure everyone has an opinion on.

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Anime AMV Showcase

With the topic of Slice-of-Life series being raised this week, it seems like a nice time to share this BUNNY DROP AMV I discovered earlier in the week. This is one of my series favorites from that genre.

Remember, if you would like to submit something for the Spotlight. You can send me a PM, but please be sure to add "Spotlight" to the subject line I can't stress how important that is because it might just be lost in my Inbox when I clear it. Even if you have worked on something yourself and are really proud of your work. Get to work, and make more content for the next Spotlight!! Jana!!

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Thanks for the spotlight

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Another solid week from our community.
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Corrections for the spotlight:

Congrats everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful MLK weekend.

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