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So I'm thinking of checking out Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. It's streaming at!

Anyone have any thoughts on the series so far? Was the original series any good? I haven't watched either yet (but I'm probably going watch the first episode of the new series tonight or tomorrow).

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@AURON570: Artistic as fuck and with plenty of excuses to see Fujiko naked each episode, but still pretty good. I will say it has a slightly more serious tone than the previous cartoons so just be prepared for that. The first three episodes focus on Fujiko running into a single member of the gang (Lupin, Jigen, and now Goemon), so it might shift back into crazy caper mode but I don't know.

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Definitely a different feel for the Lupin series considering the prominent focus on Fujiko. This looks like a prequel of sorts considering I'm to assume Lupin, Jigen and Goemon were meeting her for the first time with the two latter not as annoyed with her being around as in the TV shows. Still though, I'm a sap for Lupin the 3rd and I am enjoying this unique take on the franchise thus far. It's currently one of my favorites for this season.
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This is pretty entertaining. I've only seen two episodes of it. The first was just ok but the second was really good.

I am disappointed by it though. It's made by the guy who made Redline, which speaks for itself. It's also made by the person who made Michiko to Hatchin, a show that I love and also features a pretty bad ass sexy chick kicking ass and taking names. Both of these were stylish, which is something Lupin shares (although I hate the manga shadow lines). Both of those series were very well animated, which is something Lupin doesn't share. The animation is flat out terrible and often looks like a motion comic. It's crazy to me that the guy who made Redline wouldn't make any effort for animation in his follow up job.

Still a good show, I just wish they'd at least half-ass it on the animation. Additionally, he soundtrack is all jazz, which is cool. I love jazz and all, but I haven't heard anything yet that holds a candle to stuff like this:

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I'm lovin' it. First 3 episodes are well done and I'm looking forward to more. Really like the noir feel (in episode 2) and a nice introduction to the characters you might know already. Personally, I like the animation. The shadow lines are excessive at times, but I don't know, I don't find that such a terrible thing. It's got a stylish look to it, but it's all a matter of taste I guess. The new voice actors for Fujiko, Goemon, and Zenigata fit in well; didn't have a problem with that.

@sickVisionz said:

Additionally, he soundtrack is all jazz, which is cool. I love jazz and all, but I haven't heard anything yet that holds a candle to stuff like this:

Naruyoshi's done some good work with the jazz music, but yeah I would've liked for Yuji Ohno at least to be involved in some form or another.

But I am a Lupin III fan, so take that as you will. I haven't seen Redline, but so far I've heard mixed reactions to it.

Also, boobs man. Boobs.

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