Karneval Ep. 1-8 Review

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Karneval review. This is promoting the Karneval Discussion thread that is located at this hub thread: Community Directory: Discussion Threads, Lists, Projects & More! Please check that out.

After my first impressions of Karneval, it's an interesting and fun series to watch weekly. Here is the synopsis for the series.

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Sci-Fi,

Plot: Armed with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue, Nai searches for someone dear to him. After a run in with a pick-pocket named Gareki, the two find themselves involved in a government set-up that leaves them wanted criminals. Desperate and on-the-run, Nai and Gareki turn to the country’s most powerful defense organization--“Circus”--for help.

To me, the action and comedy in this show is what reels me in.



Gareki's view of Nai is just adorable
Gareki's view of Nai is just adorable

After a bit of introduction of the characters, it's the start of a beautiful relationship between Nai and Gareki. The show is driven on Nai - who is searching for Karoku. In episode 2, the Circus organization is being revealed. Yogi is an appealing and funny character who serves somewhat of a foil to Hirato - who is a serious man focused on his goals. Circus's purpose is to eradicate monsters that are called Varuga. Nai's origins are slowly being revealed in episodes 3 and 4. It turns out he is not a human being, but an animal called a Niji. It's pretty surprising. It makes more questions in the series. Who created Nai and who is Karoku?

Gareki's past is revealed in episode 5. After finding out who killed Gareki's adopted mother that leads to the death of Yotaka, Gareki and Tsubame gain closure. Episode 7 serves as a comic relief. It's pretty enjoyable and gives some spotlight to minor characters such as Iva, Kiichi, and Jiki. With episode 8, Yogi has a psychotic alter ego. It's quite a contrast to his innocent, cheery self.


Gareki's story wasn't that emotional
Gareki's story wasn't that emotional

It's might be me, but I personally didn't feel much sympathy for Gareki and Tsubame's story. I did find Tsubame's scene touching where she found out that Gareki had been paying for her grandpa's operation touching.

Overall, this series is worth watching if you're into supernatural series filled with pretty boys.

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