Would I like this show?

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What I think the show is about

Moe girls in a band playing music.  I don't if the show is about them trying to break into the music industry and the ups and downs of that or if music is just a background thing that they do as friends but the show is usually about other things going on in their lives.

Why I think I might like this

Moe isn't a turn off for me and most of my favorite comedies (assuming this is a comedy) are super moe and focus on school girls like Hayate no Gotoku, Zettai Karen Children, Hyakko, Melancholy of Haruhi S-something (Season 1), Mitsudomoe and Paniponi Dash.

Why I think I might not like this

While I like moe, it alone isn't enough to keep me interested.  I haven't heard much else about K-on other than that the characters are moe so it kinda makes me pause a bit.  All of the comedies that I like, once again assuming that K-on is a comedy, are super ridiculous and outside of Hyakko, they rarely make any type of sense whatsoever.  They tend to be heavy on gags, slapstick humor and low brow things like guys getting kicked in the nuts and silly Dumb & Dumber stuff like that.  From what I can tell, K-on is at least somewhat grounded in reality and doesn't seem like it'd share much in common comically with movie like There's Something About Mary or cartoons like Freakazoid and Animaniacs

Other info that might be useful

I extremely dislike comedies like Arakawa Under the Bridge and Sayonarra Zetsubo Sensei bored me after a few episodes.
I dislike fanservice on characters that look super young (the K-on cast fits this for me) unless it's done in a way that comes off as goofy and silly (like when the Hayate no announcer guy will point out something, the background will change to bubbles and sparkles and it's usually something kinda tame like a shoulder exposed) rather than something that's super hyper sexualized like Ikki-Tousen.
So, having said all of that, do you all think I would like this?
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