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Title: K-On!
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Slice of Life / Comedy

Ratings  (of 5)
Story: ♥♥♥
Animation: ♥♥♥♥
Characters: ♥♥½

OP/ED Themes: ♥♥½



K-On! Is the tale of four high school girls who, for varying reasons, come together to form a pop rock band as part of a light music (“keion”) club at their school. Three of the girls actually play instruments-- Ritsu, the drummer, who initiates the attempt thanks to a fictional memory in which she and her best friend promise to join a band; Mio, vocalist and bassist as well as the aforementioned beleaguered best friend; Tsumugi, a keyboardist who joined the club after being thoroughly amused by Ritsu and Mio's antics, and...Yui.

As I mention in the video, I don't find Yui at all compelling, which is a shame since she's supposed to be the lead, I gather. She's cute, and so incredibly moe-- in terms of being clumsy, oblivious, unintelligent, and uninterested in almost anything that isn't food –that she actually comes across to me as being developmentally challenged. KyoAni, I know what you're going for here, but it's gone so far as to become vapid, flat, and uninteresting. Osaka did the space cadet thing better and with considerably more charm.

That's my main complaint about the series though. I'm going to check out the next episode in hopes that the focus is shifted more towards the other three characters, who actually have some potential for interesting interactions instead of just “awww”-bait. I also noted that Mio, who as the vocalist garners the most attention during the ED sequence, is hot. Just FYI.

It's KyoAni, so the animation, voice acting, arranging, etc. are all pretty awesome...though I couldn't help but notice how insipid some of the OP theme's lyrics were, which counters the hotness of Mio's ED, hence the two and a half hearts for OP/ED.

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I love the ending credit's. I can't really give my opinion about this yet. I usually watch 3 episodes of an anime before I actually judge it. But so far it looks like it might be a semi promising light hearted comedy.
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Well, I definitely like it so far! It's a nice cutesy little series that deals with music so that was what drew me in as well as when I first saw the characters I immediately thought: ! Kannagi!

Edit: Gia! You should do a video review for Pandora Hearts too! ^-^
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Too generic.
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I saw the ending before any other part of the show. Baku was like "Watch this, you have this one girl's entire outfit ready for cosplay." The way Mio rocked out was supremely awesome, and I just love the song! As for Yui--I think she's just a moron right now. I hope the show has some convincing way of making it plausible that she can play lead guitar and sing. The show is fun and charming. It's like Jem and the Holograms crossed with Lucky Star and Beck. I dig the show so far, so I'm excited about the next episode.
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So far I like the first episode, and as long as it keeps giving me the music I think I'll keep watching it. Though I won't rank it yet as one of the must watch anime yet.
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I like the first episode, I got that lucky Star vibe and the ending is sweet.
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I get the feeling that as the series goes on, Yui will become a better character. I feel that a lot of her problems are centered around a lack of confidence, so as she gets better with the guitar, she'll be easier to deal with. I look at Koyuki in BECK for this assumption.
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Any show that contains moe characters talking about Jimmy Page and Jimi Hindrix is good in my book.
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I have to say I had pretty much the same feeling.  At first I thought she was kind of 'Osaka' (Azumanga Daioh) kind of stupid, but it moves past endearing to irritating a little too fast.
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Kyoto Animation.... they made Full Metal Panic's superior sequel, Lucky Star, and Haruhi, and the reason that matters here is because Haruhi and Lucky Star had famous music. This is a music show. Do the math.

As for the characters, the main character strikes me as a crossbreed between Tsukasa for the most part injected with Osaka's randomness. Personally I don't care so much for her as I do the side characters (hey wait a second...hmm...that sounds like Clannad!....which was also by they definitely have a competent moe background).

The fact that the show could possibly be summed up as 'Lucky Star with a focus on making a rock band' is probably a huge selling point for it as well, regardless as to whether this first episode has showcased it that well. It's kind of hard to generate hype with people that don't already have it when the show you're talking about falls under the slice of life category.

Now, I'm sure there's plenty of arguments that you could make against each of these statements I just made by using finer details of the show, but when you talk about large groups of people, most people are just gonna look at the overall contingent or description, so of course it's going to generate hype with a setup like this. That's not gonna stop me from enjoying it though...

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I don't know how I fell about the show yet, but just the lone fact that they might get in to the music more is going to keep me in for a bit longer.
I think on this one we're going to have to see what comes up next.
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OH MY GOD its hard to watch because the guitarist is such a retard, but i love it for some reason.
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Yes yes, she's a retard but i loved the first episode anyway xD
So far my fav is Mio:3
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Ha, Gia was at Funimation yesterday and they posted about it.  Check out the 1st comment... so funny.... fanboy...
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"Like Forest Gump" YES!
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ethan said:
"Ha, Gia was at Funimation yesterday and they posted about it.  Check out the 1st comment... so funny.... fanboy...
I don't like him anyways.
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I've only seen first episode but I'm already so into K-ON! I know Yui is kind of a retard, but I chose to see her with my humor and not my moe...thing... and I really love the ending too!! Mio is my fav for now. I think it shild have more hearts for story...
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I find the plot as an okay... but I really and totally think Yui is retarded or something... constantly tripping and getting into mishaps... but then I guess they were trying to put humor into the anime... 'cuz I know some people who for some weird reason laugh at parts like those... but i do agree the ending is awesome and wicked... b(^_^)d
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I didn't care for the main character either, and the music so far has been underwhelming, but I still plan on checking out the next few episodes, hoping that the series will improve a bit.
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