Wiki editors: Western Manga Scavenger Hunt 2011!

Topic started by EganTheVile1 on July 14, 2011. Last post by Superevil225 3 years, 7 months ago.
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Wow, I have a theory, if it's been made, it's been made into a manga.... Not always officially but almost always there is a manga around for any given franchise... But let's disregard the myriad of fan-made manga and take a look at some of my finds today which may show the beginnings of a great "western scavenger hunt"  
Here is my theory: 
Take any given western (USA) property 
Google search it with Manga at the end 
See what happens 
The X-Files 
Mutant Turtles 
G.I. Joe The Manga 
It may be fun to find out just how much manga based on western franchises we can find as a community! 
Manga must be OFFICIAL-There are a lot of fan made manga out there, but let's limit finds to actually licensed manga alone, though feel free to show fan made manga for fun to a degree 
No hentai-Duh 
Marvel Mangaverse-We already know about it, dont bother posting that you found a marvel related manga unless it predates mangaverse
Post by EganTheVile1 (1,511 posts) See mini bio Level 20
And a good example of the craziness you can expect.... 
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Hmmm let's see.....
X-Men Manga - Yes
Lost Manga - Nope
Grey's Anatomy - Nope
Game Of Thrones - Nope
Team Fortress 2 - Nope
That's all I wanna search now. XD
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