Well, time to kill myself.

Topic started by KeitaKuhn on March 4, 2011. Last post by SSJjanemba 3 years, 10 months ago.
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Just read Bokurano and Narutaru back to back. Now I feel depressed. :( 
Note: Do not take this thread seriously. What is said, is merely done for black humor.
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@KeitaKuhn: why are you doing this?
that guy works cannot be take back to back it exemplifies 
the "everything went wrong" storyline, everytime i see something by that guy i always assume it's either acid trip or everyone dies
Watch TTGL or comedic of your choice
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Yeah, Naruto is always depressing me always
I'm depressed and angry at the same time, i'm like crying over the book and then i'm like 'Damn!!!! how do they always find a way to commit suicide!!!!' Even thought I know they never die, but still
I'm still crying over my love Neji in Naruto.... I'm barely begining the volumes that's why..... -.-'
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if u dont want to be depressed watch dragon ball z, it always brings a smile to my face
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@SSJjanemba: even though everyone dies? lol sorry i couldnt resist but i love dbz too.  one piece brings the smile to my face but lately its almost brought tears as well ;( lol
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death in dbz lost its meaning after the frieza saga, it was all funny
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