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Hello Anime Vice readers, I am back from my week long vacation and ready to rock. Last chapter of One Piece we were told the truth about the children and their “disease”. Not only are the children not sick, but are being transformed into giants, while at the same time given a drug so that they would not escape, how dastardly! Let us see what happens in this most evil of One Piece Chapters, 666!


Chapter 666 should have happened in the Thriller Bark Arc now that I think about it, but what can you do? The Snowy Mountain brothers have already taken out Sanji, Zoro, and Brook, or so it appears. I find it hard to believe these two giants are able to KO Zorro without much of a fight. Are they playing dead, or have they been gassed or something? Either way these two are ruthless, and quickly take out Brownbeard first, even though they are supposedly comrades. He probably survived, but I don’t know how somebody can survive a point blank shot from a cannon to the face.

After “killing” Brownbeard, these two kidnap Nami and escape before Luffy can get to them. They apparently can move extremely quickly, leaving the area before Luffy can discover them. Giant, fast, and have guns--what’s not to love? They will be sure to give the Straw Hats a hard time.

Finally in his chapter we also see that Law has finally decided to show his true colors and attacked his fellow comrades. We all had the suspicion that Law was in this alliance for his own reasons, and now we have proof. Maybe he will be a good guy after all?


With all the snow and smoke, it is sometimes hard to figure out just what exactly I’m looking at here. The art is not bad by any means, just a tad bit confusing. Also, Zoro down without a fight? NOT COOL.


Every chapter we dig a little deeper into the mystery surrounding this island and the people who live on it. There is something big hidden in here, something that Law is trying to get. Anyone have any guesses to just what this is?

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It seems to me that Law like Chopper last chapter is not happy about CC giving the children drugs so that they don't leave, obviously all characters are upset about it but as the two doctors it seemed to really make them angry Chopper more so. Btw seeing Chopper upset in Sanji's body last week was awesome.

I know Law wasn't a bad guy :P

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I don't see these yeti Brothers making much of a threat for the Straw Hats, Luffy has his Gear Third, Robin can create giant limbs, and Chopper has his new Monster Point.

There are still a lot of questions about Law, and we now know that Monet wasn't always a harpy.

While ONE PIECE Vol. 62 is out now in the U.S., I recently wrote up a review for ONE PIECE Vol. 61 HERE.

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I don't see these yeti Brothers making much of a threat for the Straw Hats, Luffy has his Gear Third, Robin can create giant limbs, and Chopper has his new Monster Point.

Well, it seems that the Yeti Brothers are extremely fast and stealthy. They easily knock out Zoro, without him knowing. So a fight with them is more about stealth then power

This was a great chapter, so glad that Bon Clay is still alive and kicking :)

I like Monet's glasses, it remind me of Doctor Insano's Goggles.

I guess my theory about Law's crew was wrong

Can't wait to see the fight with the Yeti Brothers, I have a feeling it going to be cool :)

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Those Yeti brothers are interesting. But I wonder what Law is about. Maybe Caesar is blackmailing him to help him. And suddenly Brownbeard gets all this attention. I wonder if he will play an importmant role in the future. Good chapter.
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@taichokage: Isn't Brownbeard dead now, he did just get shot right in the face from point blank range.

Also the yeti brothers disappeared from Luffy's eyes. Given their size that's impressive no matter how you look at it, unless they have eaten some special fruit. I think that's unlikely though. Law's obviously looking for something on the island, maybe it's his crew or something. It doesn't look like CC has any leverage on him given their conversation.

Is that girl that CC's with power to be able to analyse all data about someone?

I'd have given this chapter 3/5 too, it's opened up a whole bag of speculation but didn't really do anything in return, other than showing us that the Yeti bros are quite powerful.

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