Weekly One Piece: Chapter 663

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Welcome back One Piece from your break. Last time Smoker fought against Law, and lost. Seriously, Smoker never catches a break anymore. I really want to him succeed in his career, but after this loss I’m not too sure. Luffy has also just arrived at their battle site, will Luffy take out Law? Let’s find out.


Despite my innately thoughts, Luffy and Law don’t seem to have any desire to fight each other. Luffy thanks Law for saving his life, and Law tells Luffy that the people he is looking for are at the other end of this facility, and they part like nothing happened. Who cares that Smoker and Tashigi are laying their without their hearts (actually they were switched, but Luffy wouldn’t know.)

The best part of this chapter obviously is the interaction between the Straw Hat members who had their hearts switched. Seriously, we all knew Sanji would have this reaction, but wow, you can really tell he is in heaven. “We are Nami!” is probably the best line in this manga. All their different faces and reactions really do set them apart. Also seeing Nami beating the poo out of her own body because of Sanji is priceless. I thought this was going to be stupid, but this is turning to be far more entertaining than I ever imagined.

Also we learn more about the Samurai. Like his devil fruit ability that allows him to cloth people how he see fits. An interesting power to say the least, it’s nice to see these non-combat powers. Also, he can talk with his butt. But most importantly, we learn that the number one villain of this arc will most likely be Dr. Vegapunk’s former colleague, and bounty hunter, Ceasar Clown. What a name!


Ceasar Clown? Who names themselves that? I’m also sad that Law didn’t keep Smoker’s heart after cutting it out, does he have to replace everyone that he removes?


A very entertaining chapter to say the least. We shall see what this Ceasar Clown looks like next chapter, I can’t wait!

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Love this part
Love this part

Huh, I guess I was right in what Sanji would do in Nami's body LOL! (In 661)

Can't wait to see Franky, Chooper, Nami and Sanji fighting in those bodies

I find this chapter really funny

I wondering what Ceasar Clown look like

Another great chapter, can't wait until next week

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I'm pretty sure Law still haves Smoker's heart.

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Best part of this arc is definitely the Straw Hat body switch fiasco Sanji in Nami's body was the best XD I think we all saw that reaction coming.

Also it seems that Law is not truly evil in this arc it seems he is being force to do this by Ceasar Clown because has anyone notice Law's Crew is no where in site not even Bepo.

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LOL Sanji is awesome xD.

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@tximinoman: Yeah he does you could see Law holding it in the final panel.

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Sanji... he can die so happily now, he became one with Nami. Ahaha. We totally see this coming.

Nice, Law battling CC. I guess Caesar Clown is the tree bark guy I saw before. I guess he is more of a smoke.

I wonder how the Straw Hats solve the fiasco of switching bodies?

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I'm pretty sure I now have my most anticipated moment of this arc to see animated. "We Are Nami-san!!". Even the sound effect is "Boiiin". I wonder if the voice actors are going to switch per character, or are they going to be the same actors imitating the others. I'm also surprised that Nami doesn't mind him smoking with her body.

Currently, the anime is on the part of the Fish-Man Island arc that explains Fisher Tiger and Koala. Sadly, this moment is so far away.

Now we kind of realize that just because Law sent in the hearts of 100 pirates doesn't mean that any of them are dead,

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I can't wait to see Caesar.
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Caesar Clown? Sounds like the name of a One Piece character to me.

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