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Things are getting cold in the world of One Piece. Some of the Straw Hats need winter jackets, while the other Straw Hats have gotten their hearts stolen and replaced; a rocky start to their New World journey. Law and Smoker are now going at it, let’s see how this turns out.


Wow this chapter was really good. The Law vs. Smoker fight is really intense as they both are going for the kill. Poor Tashigi is really trying her best even though she had been cut in half, but it really isn’t enough to fight a man on Law’s caliber. During the fight Law mentions that the Marines are up to something, just as Law and this island are up to something; I wonder if their new leader Akainu is scheming.

We also see more of this “Master” character in this chapter. He (or she) is pissed that these two are now fighting, rather than being chased off. Now the Marines will know something is going down around this island. They also discover that the ones who invaded the island are in fact the Straw Hat pirates in all of their glory.

In the end Smoker looses this fight when his heart is ripped from his body and placed in a nice little gift box. Lucky for Smoker, Luffy just so happens to poke his rubbery head in at this time, perhaps he can win back Smoker’s heart!


Tashigi always gets the short end of the stick, and I’m sad to see that she has been defeated yet again. Zoro is not going to marry her if she continues down this path!


The next chapter will be, as the kids these days say, off the hook. Will Law be cool will Luffy being there, or will he take him out like he just did with Smoker? I’m thinking the latter, but you never know with Law.

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Mone looks like she would make a nice addition to the strawhats. They need another female member on the crew. 
Awesome chapter. Smoker vs Law was badass.
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This chapter was AMAZING!!! I was laughing so hard when the new add was shown for the Straw Hats. If you look closely, Sanji's face is still not shown. I love how Odacchi doesn't show his face. I cannot wait for next weeks chapter. I know Law will most likely treat Luffy and friends as enemies, but fingers crossed that they have a friendly relationship!

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That Harpy Mone is cool! I don't mind if she joins the Straw Hats, but I don't think it is feasible since Jinbe recently joined. I wonder who is that talking tree bark like leader of Punk Hazard.

It is finally revealed that dragon is artificial since it is created by Vegapunk and this "Boss" guy is Brownbeard. They made Brownbeard their carriage. Reminds me of when they tamed the zombie Cerberus. Hahaha.

Nice. A two year reunion of the three supernovas. (if you know what I mean). We now might see a Luffy vs. Law brawl. Gomu gomu vs. Ope ope.

The fight between Law and Smoker was awesome. Too bad Smoker is done. Don't mind if he dies. Though Law's powers are too convenient.

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Looks like Smoker still hasn't mastered his logia fruit in the same manner as Crocodile (the absolute pinnacle of logia perfection).

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Online Now

Law's line to Tashigi was just harsh. Somehow, I just knew you were going to use that part for your banner. I was so hoping that we'd finally get to see what Tashigi can do. Law is such a hard guy to read. There is still a chance for another Zoro and Tashigi run in for this arc. Those are always fun.

Law also pulled a Freaky Friday on the Straw Hats and we still haven't seen that outcome.

I figured that Croco-centaur was Brownbeard. It's weird though. Basil Hawkins seemed intent on killing him.

Harpy Mone does now have a profile on Anime Vice. I filled out what I could based on what little is known.

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I also think Harpy Mone is cool, thanks FoxxFireArt for creating her profile. Great chapter.

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Wow. Even a logia haki user was defeated with relative ease by Law. Even an admiral might lose to him now (probably not Akainu though). But still, I don't know how easily he will deal with Luffy if at all. If they fight and Luffy wins, he will truly show that he is upper tier shichibukai and possibly yonko material. But Hawkins is here too? If he fights Law, he is an excellent counter to his abilities. And seeing that both Luffy and Hawkins were regarded in a higher esteem than Law pre time skip, they might be stronger than him now. I don't know. Undoubtedly the next chapter will be very interesting. I especially want to know what Law is up to. Why he is on a forbidden island, why he would defy a Vice Admiral without any concern, and why he appears to have such a change of character. I also want to know why Hawkins and Brownbeard are there and If Vegapunk is there too.
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Huh, so Vegapunk made that Dragon

I wonder if Tashigi would fight better if she have her glasses on

Man, Law vs Smoker fight was so awesome

I wonder if Smoker can turn his heart into smoke to put it back into his body

So, the Marines are planning something big (wonder what it is)

Harpy Mone look so awesome, she probably will be facing Usopp in the future

Is Harpy Mone a Devil Fruit user or a Chimera? (I pretty sure that the Master is a Logia-type)

I have a feeling we not going to see Luffy Vs Law next chapter

This was a great chapter, can't wait until next weeks

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Awesome fight between Smoker and Law and is it just me or is Law's powers totally over the top he literally just punched his heart out. I don't care how rubber Luffy is you can't beat getting your HEART punched out. XD

So why is everyone saying Hawkins is on the Island is he suppose to be that tree bark looking dude, I guess it makes sense he could have gotten seriously hurt using his scarecrow transformation power and he and Law are there to fix him.

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As expected, One Piece had the best chapter in the HST yet again. This chapter far exceeded my expectations. Law is really really strong. Wow the New World is no joke.


When did it say Hawkins was there?

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@One_Piece_God: Hawkins isn't on the island. The previous poster assumed that Hawkins was also present because Brownbeard, who he had confronted prior to the time skip, was there.

@taichokage said:

Even an admiral might lose to him now (probably not Akainu though).

I highly doubt this,

If they fight and Luffy wins, he will truly show that he is upper tier shichibukai and possibly yonko material.

and this.

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Yh I know, but why are they assuming just because brownbeards there. For all we know Hawkins could have made him into a voodoo doll or something.

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Law is a badass! man i have no idea whats gonna happen between law and Luffy, maybe a fight, maybe just chatting, either way I cant wait!!!

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Its gonna be crazy awesome

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