Weekly One Piece: Chapter 661

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What have you done Law? You used to be such a nice guy, but now you are going around attacking marines and enslaving children. Where did you go wrong? But all is not lost, our good ol’ buddy Smoker is here to prove that smoking two cigars at once can be good for your health. Let’s see how this all transpires.


I was expecting a savage Law vs. Smoker fight this chapter that never came, so I truly am a sad panda. However, life is not only about Law vs. Smoker fights, but other great things like Zoro being eaten by sharks, and pirate centaurs! First thing to point out is that the centaur named “Boss” is actually the pirate Brownbeard, from before the time skip. I guess he survived Hawkins and somehow became Law’s slave.

The Straw Hats always have a real hard time finding winter clothing when they need it the most; especially Zoro. Their boat capsizes and they are left swimming in the water for something like five minutes, and then they will have to fight for their clothing. Seriously, any normal man would be dead by then, so my straw hat goes off to the Straw Hats. Not only that, but Zoro killed three sharks in that state as well! If it were only legal to marry a manga character.

Law’s fight is really heating up, and it’s not looking good for either the Straw Hats or the marines. Before the Straw Hats can escape with the kids, Law preforms his “shambles” attack on them. It is unknown what exactly he did, but from the looks of it he removed their hearts and placed them in random bodies. At first I thought this was stupid, seeing as this has been done before with other manga (ala Captain Ginyu). However, it would be cool if, for example, Franky found powers inside Chopper that he never saw himself.


If Law could just remove the hearts of the Straw Hats, couldn’t he then just remove their hearts and call it a day? Unless Law is still friends with them, or doesn’t like to kill.


With the marines being owned like crazy by Law, Smoker will have to really step it up in order to save his men and Tashigi. Law has a lot of explaining to do, and I hope he is doing all this for a good reason. I’m starting to see why they now call the pirates that started the same time as Luffy the “worst generation”.

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It seems there are two types of faces Oda enjoys drawing, surprise/WTF! faces and rape faces (just look at Zoro). Also, Sanji's in Nami's body; if that fact is not played with, I'll be seriously disappointed.

Kudos to Hannyabal for becoming warden, though that leaves the question of what happened to Magellan.

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Yeah Law has a very good reason, he wants to be the pirate king.
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Those EPIC faces! The truth about Law's power is finally revealed! Ope Ope no Mi.

That "Boss" guy is actually Brownbeard, I think. His group is so dead now that Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp, Brook, and the torso guy that Brook battled. The legs they found is probably the legs for the torso. Sanji's group has his head.

Now we will see a fight between Tashigi and Law. Hoho. Finally, Tashigi in a serious fight.

And Sanji went into Nami's body! My goodness! I can't imagine what Sanji would do to Nami's body! We might see a nosebleeding Nami. I wanna see the switched body Straw Hats using powers of a different body. I can imagine Chopper using Sanji's kicks since he knows kung-fu. Franky using chopper's transformations... ooh. I don't know what Nami would do to Franky's body..

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Hawkins sucks at fortune telling.

I never would have thought, I would see Brownbeard again

I believe Brownbeard's heart is one of the hearts Law send to the GW, to become a Warlord (and using his heart to control him)

Brook was awesome again

Man, Law's powers are so broken. I wonder how Nami and the others will react to there body switch (I know what Sanji would do)

This was a great chapter

I love what Zoro said

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I love Law and his powers have always been something I wanted to found out about and I like them but I don't know if I like the concept Ope-Ope (Operation) really? I guess it all make sense but I was kinda hoping for something a little better named. I agree his powers seem broken but at this point everyone powers need to be broken to beat even one of the Straw Hats.

Hawkins is one of the new War Lords that is why Brown Beard is on Law's island as a centaur. Kid is also a war lord I believe even though I rather see Buggy as one. I think the Supernovas are now the "Worst Generation" because more or likely a lot them have done some terrible things for example giving 100 hearts to the government, their power and bounties more likely went to their head. They may have been as dark as they are now and thought that Luffy was just like them vice versa Luffy thought they were kind and good hearted.

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@Acer.: Hahha yeah, that is a very good reason!

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I believe even though I rather see Buggy as one.

Buggy is a Warlord, it was officially announce that his bounty have been frozen. At the One Piece Museum (yes, One Piece have a museum now)

I got the info from The One Piece Podcast

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@Destinyheroknight: Sweetness I believe it but his bounty could have been frozen for another reason maybe he died or is MIA XD

Anyway does that cover all the vacant Warlord spots?

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Sweetness I believe it but his bounty could have been frozen for another reason maybe he died or is MIA

No, the bounty would say he was dead. (Like Ace's bounty)

lol a One Piece museum you got to love the Japanese we make a holocaust museum to honor those that lost their life the Japanese make one to honor a fiction manga pirate crew....was that joke in bad taste? Because I think it is.

Yes, it was. But we also make museums about fictions to, like the Star War one

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@Destinyheroknight: I apologize to those I may have offended and I have deleted the commented all together.

Anyway I had a feeling Buggy became a War Lord I remember someone saying that a few chapters back and I liked it, it a way it is the most logical choice, he not a new character or another Supernova he is also the most recurring villain in the series and Luffy's first true anime.

I believe either Kidd or Hawkins is a War Lord now I am betting and hoping its Hawkins because that at least leaves Kidd as a good guy, when you become a War Lord you are no longer good in my opinion look at Law :(, I beileve Kidd will be an ally to Luffy and the Straw Hats against Big Mom.

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