Weekly One Piece: Chapter 660

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Last chapter we learned that our best friend Trafalgar Law has become a shichibukai, and also “vacations” on this island. Smoker and his crew are now in mid conversation with Law, which means that at anytime within the next chapter we might see Smoker explode and hit a bitch. Let’s see what awaits the Straw Hats on this new and bizarre island.


Sadly, Smoker does not Hulk out and knock out Law, that will happen next chapter. Smoker plays Law the message he received, and asks Law to show him the inside of this laboratory. Law shuts Smoker down, proclaiming that this is just a vacation house, and he has no right marching in like it is his own. Though everything goes to hell when the Straw Hat pirates and the giant children force their way out the door Law is standing in. Caught red handed Law.

While inside of the facility, the Nami learns that these kids were kidnapped in the guise of them having some kind of disease. Though it is unsure at the moment if the children really were sick, but were easily cured, or if it was all just a lie. Either way that does not matter anymore for Law is about to kill everyone on this island now. He took Smoker’s ship and flew it in the air, which I’m guessing will be destroyed in the upcoming chapters.


The Smoker I knew would have slapped Law the second he didn’t allow him to enter the facility.


A battle royal is about to break out in the entrance of this facility as Law, Smoker, and the Straw Hats go at it: this will be epic. Though I’m guessing the Straw Hats will run away seeing as they must protect the children as well. It’s hard for me to tell who would win in a fight against these two since they both seem to be equal in power. Though I have my money on Law, since his power is a little broken.

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Law is such a badass. It's interesting that the frozen people look like impel down escapees, perhaps they were some of the level 6 prisoners.

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It seems that Law is building some kind of army, by raising the giant kids and also making chimeras (Doctor Tucker would be proud)

Nami should really learn to wear more then a bikini top

I love the Marines reactions

This chapter was great, can't wait for Law Vs Smoker

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Law is a really hard guy to read. He did risk his life to save Luffy during the war. He doesn't seem like the type to want to hurt kids. There is a lot more to that part of the story. Still, watching Law and Smoker fight sounds exciting. I don't know if we'll actually get to watch this.

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Can't wait for Law and Smoker to fight but I'm a little confused is Law fighting Smoker to protect the Straw Hats or or he just plan on killing everyone starting with Smoker. Because it seemed that he truly didn't know that the Straw Hats were there.

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Good chapter, the fight won't be concluded though damn. Something will happen we wont see the victor of this battle.

  • Sanji's group + children run back into the facility hmm they will probably uncover the mystery with the children, M & the frozen people
  • Luffy's group I'm assuming Zoro fights the Boss whilst the fodders get taken down by the others or they team up with each other after realising Zoro is not the samurai but its unlikely since they harmed the other 2 centaur's
  • Brook still running from the samurai torso lol
  • I believe there are 2 samurai because centaur Luffy's can talk whilst the other one can't & is clearly the samurai from Sanji's groups torso
  • That human bird bitch is on her way to the facility
  • Law Vs Smoker's group hmmm
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lol at calling a one piece power broken.

I was really surprised when Sanji joined in on the group SUPER!!!

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