Weekly One Piece: Chapter 658

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It has been a very long two weeks since we’ve read One Piece. Let me just start by saying you guys have no idea how popular One Piece is in Japan. Almost every shop in Japan I stopped in had some sort of merchandise from One Piece in it. I also realized what Chopper’s role is on the crew, and that is to sell merchandise. My first subway trip I sat right across from a salary man who had a pink Chopper iPhone case, he is worshiped like a god over there! Anyways, let’s take a look at this chapter.


We quickly learn that this place is not a nursery for giant kids, but some kind of laboratory prison where the kids are being kept beyond their will. The kids quickly tell the Straw Hats this before they escape, and win over Nami’s heart. Nami has won some major God Len respect points here by demanding that they stay here and help rescue the kids.

Who ever owns this facility, they are not part of the Marines, seeing as they don’t want to be found by them; or they are part of the Marines, but a hidden branch or something. Their leader seems to have some kind of liquid-like ability as well, but it’s hard to tell just what exactly this is. What everyone was able to predict was that this island is in fact the battle ground between Aokiji and Akainu, they were so powerful that they actually changed the weather of this island permanently. Also this island was a chemical facility for Vega Punk, so I’m sure he might make an appearance in this arc as well.

The others on the fire portion of the island discover the fates of their crew members and set out to save them thanks to a phone call from Brook. But before they can I believe they will have to take out the bird lady that is stalking them, and other man-beasts as well.


I didn’t know Sanji hated children so much! I was sure if they asked him, he would drop everything to save them to impress Nami, but I guess Nami had to act first.


Great chapter, lot’s of emotion when it came to the kids; hell even my eyes watered when it came to the kids begging for help. The master of this place is sure to show up in the next chapter, and then we will see just what exactly we are up against.

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I totally called that island is where aokiji and akainu fought!! it was just hitting me up side the head. and of course dr. vega punk had to do something with it too. Now i wanna know the war lord they are talking about. this is getting GOOD!
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Well, I guess I was wrong about the Aokiji and Akainu fight LOL!

I wonder if Aokiji is still on the island, since the kids was talking about frozen people when they meet Nami and the gang.

Love the boys reaction to Franky, I probably would have the same reaction

CC, a new Warlord? I wonder what his powers going to be

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@jj_jackson: same I called it. Everyone said that no it wasn't it because the incident happen four years ago and the fight happen two years ago. Seriously an island where half is freezing the other half is burning hot what else could have done that.

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I follow the sales of One Piece, and I have a pretty good idea about how large this series is to Japan. It's just crazy.

Since Nami was kind of in the background of the last arc. I'm betting this one is for Nami to shine.

Seeing how Smoker is arriving, that explains how all those kids will get home. Smoker has a soft spot for kids.

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