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Now that One Piece has a dragon in it, it is pretty much complete; and they didn’t even have to find mystical balls to summon it! The crew have just landed on an island that is on fire, a real hot spot for tourism in the New World I bet. Let us see how the crew matches up to this creature of lore.


Wow! This chapter is chalk full of unexpected events; in fact it was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. The dragon appeared to be someone that would help the crew at first with their problems on this island, seeing as it could talk, and looked like a genuinely nice bloke. Nope! After putting up a good fight against the Straw Hats, Zoro ended up slicing off it’s head.

However, not was all lost, because the dragon itself was not talking, but the pair of legs that was stuck inside the Dragon’s head that was. Yup, a pair of legs. Anyways, after the battle Luffy pulls out the “body” that was stuck within the dragons head to reveal just legs, ala Buggy the Clown. But this is not Buggy the Clown, but what appears to be a samurai who is hunting, or attempting to stop a foolish Shichibukai. Of course Luffy at first sight of this wonder wants these Legs as a member of his crew.

But that’s not all, the crew back on the Sunny have been attacked by an unknown faction. Basically they have all been put to sleep using some sort of a sleeping gas and tied up. There is no indication on who these fiends are yet, but I assume they are associated to Punk Hazard. I’m starting to think this island belongs to one of the Shichibukai, and if that’s true then it has to be Doflamingo. Why? Because if this guy was hunting a Shichibukai, and Doflamingo can easily slice people up like what he did to Oars Jr, then perhaps Doflamingo sliced the top half of this samurai off some time ago and is now seeking revenge or to reunite himself.


I was really surprised when they killed off the Dragon like it was nothing more than a Sea King, or Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. Luffy usually gets excited when he sees these sort of beasts, like he did with the Kraken, yet this time he decided that it’s cool to kill it, even though it appeared to be talking to them. I think in order for Luffy to make that decision, the Dragon would have to be a little more aggressive toward them, and perhaps greatly injure one of his crew members.


This chapter gets extra points for keeping me on my toes, though I disagree with the dragon dismemberment. Either way I’m totally excited to see just how this plays out. Will the talking legs have a top half to match it, or is what we see what we get? I really hope Donflamingo is the boss here, I’ve wanted to see him punched for a very long time now.

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Did anyone notice Zoro use Shusui to slay the dragon? (I love the throw back Oda did)

I thinking the legs are a devil fruit user, that can take control of a body

I hope it a new member of the Shichibukai

This was an awesome chapter

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Well my idea that the island is the island that Aokiji and Akainu fought on just went out the window. Oh well I can't wait to see what this island's secret are.

I wonder if that will be the only Dragon we will see maybe there is one on the cold side of the island. Because for something that awesome to die so fast was kinda a let down.

@Destinyheroknight: I think by now anything strange like that can be explained by its a devil fruit power. Maybe its something similar to Brook's fruit.

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The dragon fought back really good and in one panel you can see Luffy getting mad... i was hoping for Luffy to help the dragon out and being friendly with it. Oh the part of the legs standing is similar to dragon ball z, when Cell does the same while fighting with Goku

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I saw this coming. They slain a dragon in a flash. But I want to point out the last parts of the chapter.

Every crew member that remained on the Sunny.... fell asleep due to the sleeping gas.

And they got captured by those wearing biohazard suit guys. 2 human, 1 humanoid robot... and a pet.

And where the heck is BROOK????????

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I wonder if there will be a mythical zoan devil fruit user that can transform into a dragon. I've thought about that before Oda ever showed a dragon though. I also wonder what Shichibukai is amiss. Is it one of the current four originals? ( in which case, a confrontation with any of them besides Hancock would be bad for the crew even now as it would have to be either Mihawk, Kuma and possibly the worst, Doflamingo). Or is it a new shichibukai, since 3 slots were vacant pre time skip, and we can be sure that the balance of the three powers needed to be restored?
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U always see everything coming lol

& yeah I noticed that too but Brook is there asleep as well on the deck but maybe they though he was just a corpse or maybe it was a mistake

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@One_Piece_God said:


U always see everything coming lol

& yeah I noticed that too but Brook is there asleep as well on the deck but maybe they though he was just a corpse or maybe it was a mistake

What I meant by there is my prediction in anime/manga always comes true... or probably because slaying a dragon is so cliche. Hahaha. I reread the chapter and Brook is here... but the thing is, those guys wearing biohazard suits probably mistaken him as a corpse, just as you said. And Brook didn't get captured.

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You all missed the chapter's real point! Franky's hair hasn't reverted back 4 chapters already.

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