Weekly One Piece: Chapter 654

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The Straw Hats are officially off Fishman Island, what a relief! I didn’t want to say anything when I was there, but that place smelled. Seriously, It’s a bubble under water filled with a bunch of fish, both alive and dead, I can only imagine what that smells like. Anyways, off to the New World, let’s see what adventure awaits us!


This is one of those “traveling” chapters that take place between arcs. It’s the only way we as an audience know that they actually sail to a new island, and not magically show up there. But it makes me wonder how long do the Straw Hats spend at sea in between arcs? I would like to see what happens when they are at sea for week, how do they kill the time? I can only envision the craziness, putting this chapter as an example. A few minutes of unsupervised attention, and the Straw Hat boys almost get everyone killed by fishing for giant deep-water fish.

This chapter was actually pretty hilarious and heartwarming, seeing the Straw Hats all hang out is a nice change of pace from all the doom and gloom of Fishman Island. Plus what usually happens when they land is that they all separate somehow, so its cool to see them all together. After escaping some crazy underwater warp zone they end up sailing right besides a pod of whales. These whales look an awfully a lot like Laboon, which probably means they were all one family at one point. Also to note that the Straw Hats entered the Grand Line with Laboon, and now they enter the New World with the rest of his family; how sweet.


I found it kind of weird that Nami allows Chopper to be in the shower and bath as the same time as her. Chopper is becoming a teenager Nami, you better watch out!


A laid back chapter like this one, every now and then, is very nice. Also it was exciting seeing them fly out of the water like that into the hell of the New World. I believe the white snake warp zone thing took them a lot farther than they think, which accounts for them not running into Smoker when they popped out of the water. I can’t wait to see how they survive weather hell.

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Chopper is becoming a teenager Nami, you better watch out!

Chopper is a raindeer, he probably only interested in female raindeers (I remember he even said that once)

This chapter was awesome, it remind me of classic One Piece

Can't wait until next week :)

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As Robin once said: "Let's chase our dream, 'cause that's the most fun"

This is what One Piece's about, a bunch of friends chasing their dreams and having awesome and really funny adventures through the sea, and this chapter sums that feeling up very well.

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I LOL'd so hard at the triple fish-eats-fish-eats-fish scene. When the Island Whales showed up, I thought "here comes feeding no. 4".

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What a nice entrance! Hahaha, they were welcomed by lots of island whale that looks like Laboon! Remembering how the Straw Hats first entered the Grandline!

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@Destinyheroknight said:

This chapter was awesome, it remind me of classic One Piece

Can't wait until next week :)

This sums up my feelings in a nutshell

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I love the part when Sanji and Brook Tried to peek in on Nami while she bathed.

I think Sanji is back in true form!

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