Weekly One Piece: Chapter 653

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Fishman Arc is pretty much over at this point. Last chapter we learn that Smoker and his girlfriend are waiting patiently at the location where the other pirates that were on Fishman island are surfacing. They know the Straw Hats are coming, but don’t know exactly when. Will we see the next showdown between these two monsters next? Let’s find out!


Nope, the fight between Smoker and Luffy will have to begin next chapter (or the chapter after that). However, this is the final chapter of this arc, as the crew officially says their goodbyes to the fish people and departs for new lands. We learn this chapter that Madam Shirley’s prediction regarding Luffy destroying Fishman Island might still come true. I believed, and I’m sure many of you as well, thought her prediction described what would happen at the end of this arc, but it may be deeper than that. Perhaps Luffy’s eventual battle with Big Mom will cause this island to be destroyed. Or maybe because Luffy’s flag now flies on the island, perhaps someone else will come and destroy it because of that, like Blackbeard. This will not be the last time we will see this island, I can promise you that!

Before they leave, Nami is given a new Log Pose. However, this one is special, because it is three in one. Basically because this ocean is so dangerous that it is necessary to have three options incase one disappears. It also seems like very dangerous islands make the needle fluctuate more, which just attracts Luffy’s attention more than anything. So I suspect from this point on they will be traveling on a path that takes them to the most dangerous islands of the New World because of Luffy’s sense of adventure.

And so they are off, but not before making promises to all the important player’s about their return, especially with the Princess. If there is a pinky swear involved you know they will have to return, perhaps when they get One Piece, or when Luffy comes back to destroy the island, either way. Now Luffy heads off in the same sea as Shanks, welcome officially to the second half of One Piece!


Damn it Jinbe, get on the boat already!


Really great chapter, the start of a new adventure always gets me excited. Next chapter I’m sure we will see Smoker, though probably at the end. Before they leave the ocean, I have my money on them saying their good byes to the kraken as well. Let’s get this party started!

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I said the same thing about Jinbei, only with a little less composture and a more complex and insulting vocabulary

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I can't believe that Luffy destroying the island can still happen. It will probably when he gets the One Piece, or other pirates attack it.

Love Nami's expression! SO PRICELESS! I guess Luffy wants some skinship that he extended his neck and wrung around Nami! Hahaha. That pinky promise with Shirahoshi, so touching.

Hopefully, the next chapter, they finally enter the New World. We are finally surpassing the silver lining (Red Line) from white (Grand Line) to black (New World). Hope no more breather chapters. I wanna see Smoker vs. Luffy and Zoro vs. Tashigi already!

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Okay, here's what i think is going to happen. Someone important will find out that Shirahoshi is Poseidon, most likely the marines. Because they are currently being led by a hypocritical fascist, he will then lead a powerful force to either take Shirahoshi with them so they can use her power or kill her so nobody can. Then the Strawhats will com back to save her.

This will not happen until after Luffy meets up with Shanks again.

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A major earthquake (caused by Blackbeard's Gura-Gura powers) would break the Red Line section directly above Fish-Man Island, destroying it (just because they fly the Strawhats flag/to anger Luffy). Angered by this, the fish-men attack the once-in-four-years Reverie (congress-like summit).

Fan fiction FTW!

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Am I the only one who noticed that Franky didn't make the pinky swear shit?

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Am I the only one who noticed that Franky didn't make the pinky swear shit?

Also Zoro didn't

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@Kuro_San: So does this make Jinbe apart of the crew now or do they still need a new crew mate?

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