Weekly One Piece: Chapter 652

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It has been what feels like forever since the last time we picked up a Shonen Jump and read about our favorite lovable pirates. It has been just too long that I don’t remember too much, only that Luffy and Naruto had just met up with Ulfric Stormcloak and I think they were going to eat Big Mom or something along those lines. Let’s get this dinner party started!


It took me a few pages for me to fully remember what happened in the coming chapters, but then it all came back to me at once. Yes, Luffy just started a fight with Big Mom, a fight that will surely be the most epic thing these two eyes have ever seen. However, before King Neptune and the rest of the crew find out about this, the King mentions to Jinbe that if the country does break away from Big Mom, they would like to fly the Straw Hats flag over their island instead; nice to see everyone is on the same page.

Of course Luffy walks in and admits to starting a fight with Big Mom, and everyone freaks out. Really? Is this really that surprising? I bet Luffy is one of those guys who always has a five star bounty whenever he plays GTA, he’s that kind of guy. Anyways, it appears as if there was actually a bomb in one of the treasures that Luffy had just given to Big Mom. What a way to start a relationship! The chances of them just becoming friends now is slim to none. Caribou tries to get his treasure back, but fails horribly. Its nice to see him fail, but we also get to see just how powerful these new villains actually are.

Finally we see in this chapter what’s waiting for the Straw Hats when they bubble up to the surface. No surprise it’s Smoker and Tashigi with the merciless G-5 Marines. It will be interesting to see just how advance these two groups have become in relation to each other.


I would think Luffy had done enough to anger Big Mom, why must there now also be a bomb involved? Is this just going to set her over the edge?


Will Smoker be able to put the hurt on the Straw Hat crew now? He didn’t do much pre-time skip, will he be able to do anything now two years later? Or has Smoker grown since then? Tashigi seems to have grown since then, so I would assume Smoker too has leveled up. Maybe they have other people on their crew as well that are awesome. Lots to look forward to next issue.

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I just love there reaction to what Luffy have done. (love how robin just smiles)

I wondering who Caribou is working for (it be funny if it was Buggy)

Yes, Smoker is a Vice Admiral now (wish he was an Admiral), can't wait for Luffy and Smoker rematch (maybe Luffy will win this time) and I hope Tashigi is at Zoro level now (that might be a good fight)

I can't wait to see how mad Big Mom will get at Luffy for the bomb

All in all I enjoy this chapter 4/5

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I really liked this chapter.

  • Cover page: Chimney grown up.
  • King Neptune mentioned hanging the flag with skull and crossbones with a straw hat
  • The treasure having a bomb. What a way of greeting. Declaration of war.
  • Straw Hats reaction.
  • and time skip Tashigi is so hot!!! I love her now and that slowing the ball technique.
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I think its perfect that Smoker is a Vice Admiral now. I hope he becomes more involved with the Straw Hats. Like how Garp was to Roger.
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Glad to see Tashigi made Captain. Good for her. I can't wait until Smoker and Luffy's next match, because now Luffy can actually hit him.

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3/5 this is the second week running you have rated One Piece poorly.........

5/5 is a bit more accurate

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