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The last we saw of Naruto he was in between the teeth of a giant monkey tailed beast, ready to be eaten. The Nine Tails is quite fond of living, so we all suspected he would give Naruto some energy to survive this attack, but the Nine Tails is also pretty stubborn when it comes to this stuff so you never know. Will Naruto break the teeth, or be swallowed and then fight his way out from it’s stomach?


So I was totally expecting to see a powered up Naruto within the first or second page of this chapter, but what we got was better, in my opinion. The hero can’t always just power up to save his life, sometimes all it takes is to talk to a wild monkey king to get everything ironed out. Naruto ends up being swallowed by this monster, but instead of his stomach he ends up within that special Jinchuriki place that holds the tailed beast at bay.

Now here is a shocker, we learned that these tailed beast bastards actually have real names! Even better, Four Tails, who just ate Naruto is actually Son Goku, the real Son Goku that Goku from Dragon Ball is based off of! We also learn the Nine Tails name, which is Kurama. Now here is a fun fact, Kishimoto was inspired to create Kurama based on the character from YuYu Hakusho. So will the remaining tailed beasts be named after Shonen Jump characters?

Of course Naruto uses his powers to win over this tailed beast, telling him that he just wants to be friends with him and the other tailed beasts. After a hearty laugh Son agrees to help Naruto, but first he must remove those chains. Now this fight is going to be a little more even. Especially if Son decides to hop into Kakashi or something.... Oh yes that would be amazing.


Even though the nod to Kurama is cool and everything, I expected the Nine Tails to be named something with a little more bite to it, like THE DOMINATOR or LIONEL RICHIE. Hell, they could have even called him Madara, since everyone seems to have that name.


Good chapter overall, and nice to see Guy and Kakashi holding their own. Well, not dying for that matter. It is interesting to think that Naruto might be able to win over all these tailed beasts to his side, because that would be epic, I’m telling you now.

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You guys should check the title of this.

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Oh man I didn't even make the connection to YuYu Hakusho. That is amazing.

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First off, you have the title listed as One Piece chapter 652. Second, i'm reasonably sure that Goku and Kurama are going to be the last of the Beasts named after other shonen characters. But if I'm wrong about that, what do you think he'd name the Dolphin Horse? I can't really think of that being a reference to anything... Also, why the hell did he make the five tailed beast a Dolphin Horse? Seriously... Why? Just... Why?

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this chapter was ok i guess
& what happened to tobi 
is he serious about winning this fight or not?
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Better to call that Son Goku Sun Wukong or at least the Monkey King GodLen. Less confusing :)

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The chapter was relatively good, nothing special. I'd like some more information to be revealed about Tobi but the recent revelation on the jinchuriki is interesting as well.

@GodLen: LOL at the title


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hahah oh man how did that happen!

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It is good to see Kakashi and Guy holding their own against the tailed beasts. It is like they are not tired at all. I love Four Tails now. Correct me if I am wrong, isn't Shukaku name of the Ichibi (One-tails)? We finally learned their names. Kurama and Son Goku. I wonder what are the names of other tailed beast? This is a pretty interesting chapter indeed.

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Cool chapter
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@fijilovesyou: If the Shuukaku name was Ichibi, then the Kurama should be named Kyubi, the -bi at the end is tails, each of the tailed beasts have a number+tails denominator. The Name isnt revealed yet...

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@Masako_Hihashi:I think you misunderstood it. I am asking if the Ichibi's name is Shukaku. And I looked at Naruto wiki and the official Ichibi's name is Shukaku. I understand the number+tails. Only the One, Four, and Nine Tails have official names.

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@fijilovesyou said:

Only the One, Four, and Nine Tails have official names.

So far, but judging by this chapter it looks like it's pretty safe to say that all nine of them have names. We just haven't found out what they are yet.

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