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Hello Anime Vice readers, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Shonen Jump is odd around this time and will get released at weird intervals. I don’t know if there will another one in addition to this weeks batch, but let’s us enjoy what we got. Last chapter it looks like there is big trouble in Big Mom, or there is going to be. Will she be the next arc’s major villain?


Yes, dear god yes it looks like Big Mom will be one of the biggest villains during this next arc. This chapter made me very happy, I love it when Luffy runs his mouth off, it reminds me of myself. Basically, Big Mom loves her candy, she eats it by the ton. She “protects” islands that make her candy. If they stop, she destroys them. So because Fishman island can no longer produce the candy she needs to survive, I suppose it will be there turn to die. However, Luffy just so happens to be walking by when he learns about this chain of events.

Now Luffy is aggressive by nature, but I never really expected him to be this aggressive, especially to one of the Four Emperors. Luffy picks up the phone, and tells Big Mom right off the bat that he ate all the candy, and to shove it up her fat ass. Luffy just saved this Island, and doesn’t want her wrath to go toward this newly saved land, so he tries to funnel it against himself. It works, and now Big Mom wants luffy dead and doesn’t care what so ever about Fishman Island. But before Luffy hangs up, he tells her that Fishman Island is now his territory! I will name my first son after you for that one Luffy.

I have a feeling that this might mirror the Crocodile arc that took forever to tell its tale, over many different islands. I don’t think Luffy will land on Cake Island next and take her out just yet. Her crew seems to have a French theme to them, which looks pretty cool. I’m calling it now, she will try to eat Luffy, but won’t be able to because he’s just gum to her.

Oh, and the Straw Hats are basically millionaires right now.


I kind of wish Caribou would have put up a bigger fight, he had a pretty cool power after all.


Great chapter. I’m still buzzing from Luffy’s words. I love epic speeches in anime, Luffy’s are short and sweet, and get the job done perfectly. I can’t wait to see what Big Mom’s reaction to all of this is, and how Fishman Island reacts to this new change in management. To start this war off right the Straw Hats better send Big Mom the heads of those two clowns, though I doubt the Straw Hats will ever be that brutal.

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Big Mom is scary, but I liked her subordinates, specially that girl with 3 eyes. Thanks for the review xD.

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Online Now

Big Mam is going to give me nightmares

I getting the feeling that Big Mam is Lola's mother, but that probably won't save Luffy (seeing how she act in this chapter).

I wonder how Luffy's crew going to react to this news

Glad, to hear that Kid is causing a lot of trouble (I wonder if he will help Luffy with Big Mam)

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Didn't expect Big Mom to be this big. She might be a giant from Elbaf or something. From what I can see, she might have the devil fruit power of acid. And I totally saw this coming. Luffy will make the Fishman Island his turf! When they got to the point where the Denden Mushi appeared, I thought Sanji will butt in and cook up sweets for Big Mom (since all females are ladies to treat with care to Sanji) and solve the situation. But it didn't happen.

I am interested on her crew especially the 3-eyed girl. I wonder what are her powers? Can't wait for their entrance to the New World! But I don't think Straw Hat Pirates will battle Big Mom that fast. Probably 1 or 2 arcs before the big battle.

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Don't forget that the whole Baroque Works Saga lasted for 116 manga chapters (roughly little over 2 years) and 73 anime episodes (a year and a half), so I don't think that Big Mom VS. Luffy will happen until at least around Q2 of 2013, at the earliest.

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i was like what!!! he just ended a war and he jumps into another fight against one of the four emperors, i dont expect this fight to happen right away, maybe more fights and crazy adventures will happen before the encounter with Big Mom...

this chapter was epic !!!! Luffy you are the pirate king

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This is going to be awesome!!!

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Can not wait for this fight!!! :D They really moved fast right after beating the Fishmen they are jumping into a war with Big Mom. I was so happy seeing Kidd mention in this chapter now where the hell is Captain Law? I hope we see Kidd now that Luffy is going against Big Mom.

I'm curious if you beat one of the four Emperors do you take their spot?

Btw I am calling this now after the fight Big Mom respects Luffy and decides to become his ally.

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lol Zoro is funny he was grinning when Luffy answered the den den mushi.
please do not let her power be acid stomach or something like that lool
I wonder what power that girl has with the 3 eyes
I wonder what Law is doing?
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I would have given this chapter a perfect score. It was surprising and funny seeing Luffy disrespect Big Mom like that. She's way creepier than I initially thought.


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I loved that Kidd was mentioned and that he is causing havoc in the new world.

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