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Hey, remember back like five years ago when they were talking about that ancient weapon Poseidon, and we all thought it was some kind of pirate ship with a big gun on it? Well it turns out it’s actually a mermaid. A giant mermaid who is afraid of her own shadow. Don’t be upset, this mermaid can control an army of Sea Kings that can rule this world through terror like no other pirate can. Thanks for giving us that information Neptune, now hand her over!


After learning about all this information about the Princess, I would rather have her join the crew than Jinbe. But being a mermaid and all she would have to stay in the water and she will miss out on a lot of adventures that way, so it makes sense from a practical perspective. This chapter was one of those chapters after a story arc where we learn more about the events that are currently happening throughout the world. There are two big events that happened in the last two years, first of all Akainu and Aokiji got into a little scuffle for the position of Fleet Admiral. They fought and Akainu clammed victory, with Aokiji running away out of the marines with his tail between his legs. Ten dollars on him becoming a pirate! Anyways, of course he is going to loose, I mean how can you freeze lava?

The second big news story is that Blackbeard has risen to become one of the Four Emperors, which isn’t surprising. They are now working their way through the New World removing the Devil Fruit from people, on one of those “ability hunts” young people love to do this day of age. I wonder if that means they can put more than two Devil Fruits in one person, or if they are just giving all their members fruit powers. That’s good, because all you will have to do then is just sink the boat and then they are all screwed! Hopefully the Straw Hats will do the same! You know you want to see Zoro with a devil fruit power!

A lot of things happened this chapter, like Hody’s crew becoming old because of juicing. Caribou tried to steal the princess and failed, and now the Straw Hats are trying to find Caribou’s stolen treasure. But most importantly, it appears that because of the trouble on this island, they won’t be able to make candy for Big Mom, who appears to enjoy candy so much that she is willing to destroy an entire country for it. That might seem weird, but I’m sure Luffy would do the same for meat.


The New Fishman Pirates becoming old like that kind of puts a damper on this whole arc. I mean did Luffy really had to intervene when their little rebellion of theirs would have ended in a day when these Fishmen would have suddenly become old men?


Good chapter with a ton of information hidden in its depths. Also it was funny, had some action, and we got to see the Princess in a precarious pose. I’m excited to see how the events here will lead us into the next arc.

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But being a mermaid and all she would have to stay in the water and she will miss out on a lot of adventures that way, so it makes sense from a practical perspective.

Also don't forget that she as big as the ship to

I was wondering what Caribou was thinking, he knew that the Princess is able to call Sea Kings. He wouldn't have a ghost of a chance at leaving alive, if he took her (Also how did his brother still alive?)

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This was easily the better of the Shonen Three this week. I knew once Jimbei wanted to tell Luffy a story that he was either going to not listen to most of it while eating or fall asleep. That's the usual pattern.

It was quite a shock to hear that Aokiji and Akainu fought for command of the Marines, and that Aokiji left. I've already updated the Marines page with the changes to the command structure.

The biggest problem is that Caribou now knows a terrible secret about Shirahoshi.

The bit with Hody's crew is based on the short of Urashima Taro. Taro saved the sea princess Otohime and was taken to Ryugu Palace as thanks. He spent a few weeks there, but wanted to return. He was given a box and told not to open it. He returned to find that many. many years had past since time moves faster under the sea. When he opened the box he was give, he change into an old man.


The same way many people in One Piece seem to survive. it just happens.

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This was probably my favorite of the Shonen Three I nearly shit myself when I read that Akainu and Aokiji but aren't they forgetting someone....oh right Kizaru! Even though you can't freeze lava I bet light beats both of them hands down, why wasn't he involved in the little fight for Fleet Admiral?

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Aokiji for 10th Straw Hat 2012!

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@Sogeman: Hmmm, Id rather have Jimbei but that would be pretty cool.

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It is pretty logical that lava/magma wins to ice. But I like Aokiji more than Akainu. I love Aokiji lazy-ass character and his lazy justice. Why does it keeps going on my head that Aokiji might become a pirate? And for Blackbeard becoming a Yonkou is a given. This chapter is good! I can see a upcoming battle between the Straw Hats and Big Mom. I don't think they will leave the Fishman Island that soon.

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One Piece is simply the best
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