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Last chapter we left on quite the high note, Luffy just asked Jinbe to join the Straw Hat crew. This question seemed totally out of left field, but we have been given little hints here and there that there might be a future for this blue-faced fishman. The answer we have all been waiting for is here, let us find out if he will become the Pirate King’s helmsman.


So will Jinbe join the crew? Well, the answer is not so simple, it’s both yes and no. Oh man my heart really did sink when I first read that he will not be joining the Straw Hats. However, soon after his rejection we were told that his answer was no for now, but will become a yes later. You see Jinbe has some things to take care of first, whatever they might be, but afterward he will come back to the Straw Hats and join them for good. It’s sad that he is not joining now, but this might be better in the long run. Why?

Well because this is shonen after all. One of shonen’s best used tropes is when the heroes are in trouble and are seconds away from death when suddenly help arrives to relieve the heroes and join the battle. I’m pretty sure Jinbe is going to be used in this fashion, plus this particular trope is not used in One Piece often, so it will be even more glorious.

This chapter is also home to the usual end of arc celebratory feast. The Straw Hats were just going to leave and move on with their lives, but the feast really did draw them back in. Personally I kind of wished they left, so that there weren’t idolized like their initial intentions, but Luffy can not say no to meat, as we all know. But then we wouldn't have heard the other final tidbit of information that blew my mind. That through Robin’s research she has realized that the Princess is actually the ancient weapon Poseidon since she possesses all the abilities of the original mermaid.


Even though I said that this will probably work out better in the end, I still want Jinbe now!


These last two chapters really shook things up. First giving us hope that there will be a new Straw Hat this arc, and then shooting down that idea for now in hopes for a future blue Straw Hat. It’s nice seeing that Oda isn’t just following the formula that he created, but changing it as he progresses through this story.

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All will, I guess I was half way right with Jinbe joining the crew (wish that he did) But this means we get a cool cover story about him in the future, can't wait

So an Ancient Weapon can be a living thing, also anyone notice that Ancient Weapons are almost all of them are link to the fishmen. Tom had the Blueprints for Pluton and Poseidon is Shirahoshi. Now I wondering what Gol D. Roger Ancient Weapon was?

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I enjoyed Zoro restating Luffy's theory on why they don't want to be heroes while replacing "meat" with "booze." Made me laugh and reminded me that the Straw Hats, even though it may not always look like it, DO realize that they are pirates and fighting against the World Government and not heroes or world saviors. I also enjoyed the king misinterpreting Robin's reasons to talk with him. "Hey, even though my wife is dead doesn't mean that...oh, you want to talk about an ancient super weapon. Sure, let's do that." ON TO THE NEW WORLD!!!!

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haha at all of the theories about it having to happen based on past event's I was a little disappointed myself. But seriously they need to get the hell out of fishman island already.

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I knew that the Poseidon has something to do with Shirahoshi. I guess I am right. We finally got a answer from Jinbe. Both no and yes. I wonder what story will happen before Jinbe joins the Straw Hats. This chapter made me think that the treasure One Piece can be a weapon as well, or just the straw hat of Luffy (which what everyone thinks).

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Good chapter, I didn't expect that answer from Jinbe, but I think it's OK, maybe Oda does this to give Sanji more time to become stronger that Jinbe in order to remain in the Monster Trio. I hope that nothing bad will happen to Jinbe until he joins the Strawhats.

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i was hella pissed when jinbei said no, but the fact that he will most likely join in the future got me a little less mad. I think that Jinbeis going to have trouble with his duty, and then the straw hats will come into play. or something like that
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I am glad Jinbe didn't join I didn't see any reason for him to join what his "job" on the crew would be it made no sense to me. This leaves room for someone else to join to crew who would actually fit in with the rest of the crew.

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I cannot image an ancient weapon is made by a living thing, this weapon is too vulnerable

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I don't know... I mean I like Jimbei and all but remember we might only have like 2 more people joining the crew in One Piece. If you remember in the first One Piece episode Luffy said that he wanted 10 members for his crew so... And right before the first new world chapter Ofa said that the series is about halfway over (henseforth 62 volumes will start) so i cinda want another girl. It just seems to me that Nami and Robin are getting overpowered 2 girls to 7 non-girls. So hopefully another girl will be thrown into the mix, totally possible, remember this is One Piece!
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@ngkachun4 said:

I cannot image an ancient weapon is made by a living thing, this weapon is too vulnerable

Never heard of a glass cannon ?

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