Weekly One Piece: Chapter 645

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Last chapter Luffy just knocked Hody into next week, which is this week, and One Piece is off next week, so how many weeks did Hody transgress on average? Solve for X. Hody has to be down for the count after being hit with a punch straight out of his brother’s Ace’s book, after all fish are definitely weak to fire. Let’s see if Hody gets up.


Hody would have been down for the count, but instead of passing out like some of Luffy’s other villains, he decides to pop more pills, in fact he popped a handful of them to be exact. However, despite this great amount of drugs, Hody doesn’t have much going for him. You see after being hit with the Red Hawk he flew into the falling ship Noah. The same ship that has to be punched to smithereens by Luffy in order for him to save everyone.

This might seem impossible, but Luffy has a secret weapon. The Elephant Gun. Yes he used Gear 3 to make his arm really big, and then used his haki to make it into iron. Not only does he punch the ship regularly, but also uses his Machine Gun variation to pummel the ship and Hody to pulp. Yeah, Hody ain’t getting up after that one.

Finally in this chapter we are brought back to the individual fights that the Straw Hats are currently undergoing. Here we learn that the New Fishman Pirates are starting to attack their own crew because they are starting to retreat. This pisses off the Straw Hats, and forces them to play their final card, but we won’t see this until next chapter. However, we do get to see Chopper go berserk again, but this time he can control it. This is going to be EPIC!


They show berserk Chopper, but tell us there isn’t going to be a new One Piece chapter next week? WHAT THE HELL!


Seeing berserk Chopper really did it for me this chapter. Yes, we all knew it was coming, but it still excites me. However, everyone else's finishing attack are going to surprise me just as much as well I imagine. For those of you who just want this arc to end, this chapter also shows us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This will be finished soon, I promise you!

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A pretty good chapter, it seem like the Fishman Island Arc is long but its the fifth longest Arc

Man, Chopper is so awesome (can't wait to see his other forms)

I guess next chapter we'll be getting a color page

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Chopper, finally! I want to see some explanation on how he managed to control this "monster" form. This arc is all over the place, but finally Luffy's starting to destory that friggin' ship to smithereens!! To bad OP will be in hiatus for one week.

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I want to point out, that we see Blackbeard with a claw like weapon in the mini flash back

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Despite that other people may think of this arc, I am personally adoring it. It teaches us about many real life problems in a way that only one piece can pull of. the action is also good and the strwahat pirates new powers are awsome. In addition to that, Jinbei may join the crew at the end of it all.
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@Destinyheroknight: great find mate

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i just now realized this:

the future that madame shirley saw isnt that of fishman island being destroyed but "Noah" being destroyed falling around luffty

because of page 8 i realized that

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@Destinyherokninght: Nice find! This may explain how BB gave shanks those scars on his eye
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