Weekly One Piece: Chapter 643

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The battle rages on under the sea, and the Straw Hats victory is in sight. However, there is one relatively big problem looming on the horizon. Yes, it’s that humongous ship Noah that is slowing falling toward the island. Will the Straw Hats be able to defeat the New Fishman Pirates in time to escape, or will escape be unnecessary because Luffy will be able to defeat it with one punch?


This chapter is all about the Straw Hats getting the upper hand in most of their battles thanks to their new abilities they acquired during the time skip. Finally Robin shows us more of what she has under the hood, and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. Not only can she now grow her body parts from anywhere, but basically teleport herself and multiply herself at the same time! She easily defeats Hammond by both breaking his neck and his legs at the same time. I’m falling in love all over again.

Brook explains to us that his power is the result of his soul, which is the only reason why he is able to control his body. Using his soul he is able to reattach body parts, and use it to cover his sword, which makes it into a bad ass frozen sword that can freeze even hell itself! Usopp gets nothing but smack talk from the fishman who likes to chew on things. Usopp doesn’t show off any new attacks this time, but promises us that he will snipe his foe in three moves, which should end the fight. This is going to be interesting.

Other than the battle, we are shown that the private conversation Luffy was having over the denden mushi was actually broadcast to the entire island, meaning everyone knows now that Luffy is fighting in order to help defend the island. Is that good PR or what? But most importantly we learn that the New Fishman Pirates are not really fighting for anything, their core beliefs lack any substance, that there is no reason for them to hate humans in the first place.


The pace of this manga is starting to slow down over the last few chapters, and I wish it would perhaps speed up a little to help bring this arc to an end. However, things might be closing up shortly, its just so hard to tell at this moment.


This was an average chapter. I do love everyone’s powerups so far, and look forward to seeing the others in action. But before they kick all their asses, I just want to see these fishmen put up a fight, at least a little one. I want them to have something up their sleeves as well, and really push the Straw Hats to their limits. Actually one way of doing this is by giving them all steroids as well, and that would be pretty damn interesting.

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Well to have these guys get pushed to their limits in their very first serious battle would not make them look as good, I mean we can still see the results of their training. Still, I see your point, it's the same thing with the fullbring users fighting the shnigami in Bleach.
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Hody now make a lot of sense now, his plan was all bad and didn't make sense at all (now it reveal that he bat s*** crazy with hate) so to me all of HST did a good job this week, none of them disappoint me

Robin,Usopp & Brook new powers are awesome and Zeo is one of my favorites now

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The arc must end soon because it takes so long and I have sea sickness at every point.

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I still don't understand Hody's intention for war..........

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Hody don't have an intention, that the point (he grow up with hate and he don't want it to go away)

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