Weekly One Piece: Chapter 642

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The sky is literally falling on Fishman Island, and by the sky I mean a gigantic ship the size of a Star Destroyer. Last chapter we saw that the Noah had its air bubble burst, Luffy did some of his famous punching, and we learned that Hody has a “true form” what ever that may be. I’m leaning toward Hody being a Saiyan.


Damn, we don’t learn about Hody’s true form this chapter, though I’m sure they are saving that little nugget of information for a better time to unleash it. This chapter was mostly a “filler” chapter that helps set the stage for the bigger fights and help flesh out the environment that keeps changing. Even though this was a filler chapter it seems, it was still many times better than last chapter.

Some important points of this chapter is that the island has been evacuated, well at least most of it. Creepy Australian looking fishman Hammond finally makes his appearance here in this battle riding a “Slave Tank”. Though it for sure isn’t a tank, but just a cart with cannons on it; I’m pretty sure their were more advance tanks in the Civil War than that piece of shit. That being said Robin said that she will free all the pirate slaves, so I’m sure that will give her a run for her money.

Onyudo can now puff himself up even bigger than he already is, which doesn’t do much except squish people. It didn’t work for Moria and it it won’t work for you either. We learn that Chopper no longer cares that he looks like a monster because he has good friends now that like him no matter what he looks like. Basically its equivalent to your girlfriend or boyfriend gaining lots of weight because they are already in a relationship. Finally Zoro is once again a bad ass, but this time with a force field of sorts.


More Zorro!


I would like them to concentrate on each individual Straw Hat’s battles rather than showing them all at once, but I’m sure we will get to that at a later date. I also really like the new Chopper, mainly now that he wants to become a monster for Luffy. I’m looking forward to seeing some awesome forms.

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Man I'm loving all the new power ups and Zoro just never fails to impress. My only thought is if they don't expand on the fights in the manga you can guarentee the anime will if it helps.

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Love Chopper's character growth :)

Is Zoro using armor Haki?

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Zoro is just too badass, in the anime he got a deeper and grave voice that makes any line he says even cooler

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Still fishmen, therefore it's crap. The only thing that would spice this up is if Blackbeard or an admiral came along.

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Still fishmen, therefore it's crap. The only thing that would spice this up is if Blackbeard or an admiral came along.

LOL seriously this arc needs to end already!

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