Weekly One Piece: Chapter 640

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Last chapter the dance began to heat up, and the dancers finally have started to pair up. Like your average grade school social, the New Fishman Pirates have taken awhile to shove aside their shyness and dance with the Straw Hat of their dreams. However, there are plenty of Straw Hats left, will they be paired off in this chapter as well?


Yes this chapter is all about the rest of the Straw Hats finding their one true opponents in this mess of fishmen and mermaids. I won’t go into the details of each fight, but Franky, Brook, Usopp, and Chopper have all paired up with a Fishman. I’m happy that each one will get an opponent this time, since it has been awhile since some of these members had a one to one fight. I find it funny that Usopp once again gets stuck with the person who fights underground; are these people who fight underground really of any threat? In any case, Usopp is going to rock him like a hurricane.

Now that everyone has been pared up, the clock has officially started to count down to their destruction, thanks to the other incident in this chapter. Decken has officially lost conscious, or died. It’s hard to tell, but I believe he had just passed out since there are bubbles foaming from his mouth, and we all know that usually doesn’t happen to the dead in this universe. Despite the Princes and Luffy’s attempt at making the Princess move away from the island, she was not quick enough to move Noah out of the away before Decken lost his ability. What will happen now is anyone’s guess, but the Straw Hats must finish their fight quickly!


Sadly, no one wants to dance with the ladies this time around, which is sad because they always seem to be shafted in the fight department; especially Robin. I hope they are not out of the spotlight until this is all over, I hope there is still something for them to do and situations were we can see them show off their new skills. But now that I thought about this really really hard, there is one person these two girls can fight... Caribou. Remember him?


This chapter was mostly here just for the setup, so the next chapters are sure to rock and have a little more action. I really have no idea how they are going to stop the boat, if they can stop the boat at all. Perhaps they need to help Decken regain consciousness instead? I have no clue, but I’m sure it will be entertaining as hell.

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this chapter was such a tease

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I have a feeling that Shirahoshi's Sea King summon ability is going to deus ex machina the survival of the island

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I am kind of disappointed that Nami or Robin don't seem to have an opponent of their own. Nami's showing some cool new abilities. Out of the entire cast. She's shown probably the most growth. I also want to learn more about Robin's evolutions.

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I'm a little disappointed that the ladies didn't get a main Fishman opponent. Oh well, there probably about 400 small fry and 6 Sea Monsters they can beat up (Got to look on the bright side of things)

I can't wait to see Franky's mecha in action (Also Zeo have become my favorite Fishman)

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Man, Oda really has grown a great deal as an artist since 1996. This New World stuff has been looking completely awesome.

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Wow, I did forget about Caribou, thanks for reminding me.

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