Weekly One Piece: Chapter 639

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Last chapter we were left with a Grand Canyon of a cliff hanger, Hody with the rage of a thousand sharks stabbed his fishman in crime Decken! Yes Decken had deserved it for launching a gigantic ship at Hody and the island, but this is just going too far! Will Decken perish, or will he go down swinging?


Yes, it appears as if Decken will go down swinging. However, this swinging will eventually be his downfall. You see his ability to throw items of destruction that track down their target is definitely useful in a fight, but not when the target places him in the middle between them both. So in the end, Decken’s awesome power is his undoing, for the ax that was supposed to lodge itself in Hody’s back, tore through him instead. Did Decken just die? Did he just die outside of a flashback and a war? Could it be true? I really doubt it, maybe he will just pass out, still making the ship go out of control. I don’t think this will be the last we will see of Decken.

Hody now heads towards the princess, for her death is on the menu tonight as well. However, Luffy is in hot persuit, and simple rips Hody off of her with his powerful kung-fu grip. Yet, this might not be a good thing for Luffy, since we all know how well he does fighting people under water.

This chapter then takes us back to the island where we begin to see each Straw Hat member partner up with one of the New Fishman pirates. The Umibouzu finally comes to his senses and decides to fight thanks to a well placed lie and steroids. Jinbe and Sanji come to the rescue and take this monster on. While Hyouzou, that Reservoir Dogs inspired octopus has lost his mind do to a combination of booze and steroids. Now that he is overflowing with energy, there is nothing that can stand in his way. Well, Zoro will stand in his way, and boy oh boy does he ever. This will be an epic fight you will tell your children every night before you send them to bed.


I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like the idea that Sanji and Jinbe have to work together to fight Umibonzu. I don’t know why, maybe its because I would like to see each have their own battles, but I guess there are not enough enemies to go around if that was the case.


I enjoyed this chapter because it does a little of the unexpected, like Decken “dying”, and a little of the expected, like pairing up Zoro with the enemy swordsman character. Next chapter will most likely be more of the same, where we will see Luffy fighting a little, then show more of the pairing between the remaining Straw Hats and their counterparts.

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Oh, good. I see you noticed that I finally got around to fleshing out the cast for the Fish-Man Island Arc.

Seems as if the story arc will be coming to the finale soon enough. Everyone is finally being paired off for the final battle. I like how Zoro is treating this guy as the warmup he needs.

We did get to see Luffy use a completely new technique. That Snake Shot is brand new.

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Awesome chapter! Hody finally man up (loving the crazy drunk octopus)

I can't wait to see next week

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I've not really been into the current arc that much to be honest. Also, little dissapointed when Zoro jumped in at the end there, I was hoping that Robin would finally get a real fight!

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little dissapointed when Zoro jumped in at the end there, I was hoping that Robin would finally get a real fight!

The octopus was clearly for Zoro from the very beginning, his opponents usually screams (in a manner of speaking) "I'm going to fight Zoro"

Robin will get her chance next chapter (probably against Zeo)

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