Weekly One Piece: Chapter 638

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Last chapter we were blessed with a battle between the new and improved Luffy, and the pill popping Hody. Like we all expected, Luffy took control over this fight as quickly as Naruto takes control over a bowl of ramen. However, the giant ship Noah has just entered the scene, and the Princess is doing everything in her power to save her island. Can Luffy stop the ship in time?


This ship appears to be just too big for a person like Luffy to stop. If it’s going to stop, Drecken will have to be defeated. Luffy heads for this ship, which puts him at a distinct disadvantage because he will have to end the ocean. Not only does he loose all his powers, but the fishmen are so much stronger there its unbelievable.

The princess finally escapes from the island entirely, though the save appears just to be temporary. Not only does she have to worry about the ship, but Drecken’s knives as well. But thanks to the fast acting Princes the day is saved. The eldest brother even saves Luffy from Hody, which is just in the nick of time since he just attached a blade to his dorsal fin (what a good idea!)

In the end Hody ends up ignoring Luffy, and decides to enter onto the ship to do what he originally planned on doing. That is of course killing Drecken, because if Drecken is dead, then the ship will loose control, and since its going straight up at the moment, there is only one direction it can go now.


No Drecken can’t die yet! He has a pretty neat power there and I would love to see him use it to his full potential.


This is just great, if Drecken does die, then that ship is coming straight down on the island. And I’m not sure if anyone one of them would be able to bring a stop to that. Though One Piece characters usually put up a bigger fight than that, and are not taken down by one stab either. I believe Drecken is still in the game, though I don’t think he has long to live either.

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"he just attacked a blade to his dorsal fin (what a good idea!)" 
I think you mean attached. :)
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Shounen stuff. No one dies from a single stab ;)

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