Weekly One Piece: Chapter 637

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If this were Bleach, I can be 100% confident that the “Number One” song we all know and love would be playing right now. Luffy just did his bad ass walk up to Hody Jones, through all his goons, and kicked him in the face; it doesn’t get better than that. Can Hody put up a fight against this pissed off rubber man, and what will be of the giant ship that is headed their way at the moment?


This chapter was all about Luffy doing what he does best, and that is persecute fishmen with the anger of a thousand suns; or so the fishmen are probably going to believe once Luffy is done with Hody. This fight was wonderful because Hody doesn’t even stand a chance against him, which is exactly what we needed. Of course an even one on one fight is favored among all others, but that is not what we need right now. Right now we need to see Luffy kicking ass and showing us just how much he evolved over his two year field trip in the land of the mean animals.

What he does show us is is ability to transform his body into what looks like metal at whim. This could probably knock out most people, but Hody is taking it like a champ. Though I do have the feeling that pre time skip Luffy could probably take out Hody if he tried hard enough. Anyways their fight is going great when suddenly the sky grows dark and the giant ship Noah descends on the small island.

It’s obvious from the start that this is Decken’s work, due to his fat friend falling from the ship into the danger zone. This of course pisses of Hody for about a second, but notices this is a good situation for him as well. The princess rises away from the island to help save it, but me thinks she will have to leave it completely if she wants to save the bubble from being popped. In the end the combatants move up toward the ship, where I suppose the battle will continue.


Don’t just stop in the “sky” Princess! The island will still be destroyed if the bubble breaks! Just run for it, you can breath under water and you can summon sea kings! Also, Hody’s crew better start doing something useful, because they are getting their asses handed to them and hardly putting up any fight whatsoever.


It looks like their might be a three way rumble in the future between Luffy, Hody, and Decken. Though even if Luffy takes them both on, there is still the problem of the giant ship. Though I believe Luffy now has the strength to rip it apart with his famous gomu gomu no machine gun attack since he was able to punch a man through about twenty to thirty feet of bedrock with it before; and we all know rock is stronger than wood.

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3/5 seriously One Piece was the best out of the 3 this week by far 
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Luffy would probably just destroy the ship with a Gigant Pistol or Stamp... we still need some story about that boat. King Neptune implies that there is something about that ship. My prediction is that the ship might be the savior of the Fishman Island if it got destroyed. They get to flow up to the surface. It would probably fit the whole fishmen/mermen/mermaid population. This chapter finally shown more of Luffy's Haki.
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I think the team will take care of vanderdecken, while luffy will finish what he started with hody. The artwork in this issue was excellent.

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The reason she cannot go out is not air but pressure. I think the reason the ship is important is that it is the means by which the Fishmen will rise & join the surface dwellers. Also, the name of "Noah" would mean that it is the way the fishmen came into existence. Maybe some scientist brought humans down & then merged them with fishes so that they can breathe under water. That act could refer to the "Sorry" Robin found on the stone carving. Love wild speculation!!
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