Weekly One Piece: Chapter 636

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The Straw Hats have started a war, and they intend on finishing it with flash and bravado! Last chapter we were gifted with a few Straw Hats showing off their abilities, and boy how have they grown. Finally the kraken Surume had finally decided to defect and join the Straw Hats. Now tell me, what can stop them now?


Hot dog this chapter was good for some many different reasons. First of all Franky got his mother flipping super robot I and everyone else has been dying to see since the dawn of time. General Franky is its name, and its here to kick all sorts of ass; hell, it even has a drill for a forehead, can’t get better than that. But to be honest I don’t think he is done combining yet, there is still the Thousand Sunny after all. I also found it interesting that he made it with Wapol alloy, made by that bastard Wapol himself.

Second, Chopper had received some awesome powers as well, like the power to use all his transformations without having to use the rumble ball, though there is still one he needs it for (beast mode I’m guessing.) His new horn point allows him to dig as well, which is pretty cool because the team always needed a digger, and now they don’t have to hire anyone to fulfill that position!

Finally, what really made me ecstatic was just how pissed off Luffy got when he found out about how Hody was threatening Surume’s people. This always happens in One Piece, where a bad guy will threaten someone, and Luffy will go on and say “its cool, I’ll protect you.” This could happen every chapter, and I will still love it every time it happened. Luffy kicking Hody in the face was the icing on the cake. Despite the good guys seriously owning the bad guys this time, the party is not over yet. It looks like the ship is on its way, which frightens the king to no end.


Its not that I dislike Nami or Usopp’s show of force in this chapter, but I think they could do better than that. But perhaps their time will come later.


I love the line in this chapter that says they all are so giddy as if they were waiting for any chance to get into a fight, took the words right out of my mouth. They’ve gotten so powerful over the last few years that they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to break something. Now that everyone has been introduced again, its time for the real fighting to start. Though this giant ship heading toward them is going to rain on their parade as the saying goes.

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Hody better step up in the next chapter

But this still is a enjoyable chapter

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i dont think he will this is just a little battle before they enter the new world but 
it will be a big change for the fishmen since luffy will bring about this great change
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the breakout for usopp and nami and robin will be in a later issue, right now it's going to get pretty crazy. This weeks episode was awesome, I laughed so good when Zoro was trying to decipher the message. Great way to end the episode.

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My friends and I were discussing Usopp recently.  I'm concerned that a new even slightly more powerful Usopp could spell the end of Sogeking.  Have we seen the last of Soge??   BTW, good call on the mecha!
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