Weekly One Piece: Chapter 635

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Welcome back Shonen Jump from Golden Week, the week in Japan were everything grinds to a halt and nothing gets done. Why can’t America have Golden Week as well? To all the politicians who are reading this right now, please make it happen. So back to the manga, the Straw Hats have kicked down the door at Hody’s party, ready to crash that bitch. Almost initially Luffy has defeated 50,000 fishmen with ease. Will the rest be just as simple?


Yes, we finally get a sample of the abilities the Straw Hats have picked up over the course of their two year vacation, and I’m not disappointed. Well, I’m a little disappointed, but I’ll talk about that later. Luffy had his time to shine in the last chapter, so the rest of the crew take a bulk of the chapter showing off their real skills. Let’s see, Zoro can make a tornado of blades, awesome. Sanji can fly, awesome. Brook can produce hallucinations with his music, awesome. Franky made a motorcycle and tank for the ship, awesome. Robin can grow giant legs that can stomp people to death with, awesome. And the rest can ride in a tank, meh.

Yet, you and I know that these are just a small appetizer, the main dish will be shown when they start to pair off and do the shonen dance. Jinbe also appears to have gotten stronger, or at least it appears that way, and our favorite kraken has joined the sides of the good guys again, life is good. Also interesting to note that Wapol has transformed from a CEO to the king of a dark kingdom, will Luffy have to curb stomp this man again?


Now I know this will be solved in later chapters, but I want Usopp, Chopper, and Nami to show off their new powers instead of riding in a tank. I know it will come later, but like Veruca Salt, I want it now!


Yes Zoro, your tornados always make me a very happy boy. I’m really excited to see Franky’s other concoctions he created. I pray every night that all these things he created will transform into a giant robot, oh god please make my dream come true! The bad guys really have no way of taking out the Straw Hats now, well besides that giant ship that’s headed in their direction, and that crafty Caribou feller.

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Zoro is so awesome in this

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Sanji was epic
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I'm more curious about the mermaids Caribou stole. :(

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That's wild to see that Sanji seemed to of learned one of the Six Powers. I wonder if he learned any more during his time on Peachy Island. I seriously doubt he would use Shigan, but Tekkai seems possible, even Soru. I still want to see what Nami can do.

Robin has some awesome new abilities, but we also saw a little sample of her power's growth a while back. I can already hear the Doujinshi artists working on that one.

I love that Luffy's friendship with the Krakken has caused it to turn on the New Fish-man Pirates.

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I miss my Sogeking. :'[

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Jinbe and Shirahoshi are leaving with the Strawhats at the end of the arc. Nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. 
My favorite parts of the chapter were Jinbe fighting water with water, Zoro's endless blade worlwind, and Sanji kicking the air. That last one was pretty damn funny.
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It was a great chapter.
PS: It was Obon not Golden Week ;)
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The Big 3 on Shonen Jump are good this week. I thought that Sanji learned Soru... but he learned Geppo instead. Well, it is ideal for him. These running chapters just give me the vibes that Jinbe will join the Strawhat Pirates. I am expecting a Jinbe/Hody battle instead of Luffy and Hody. Well, I can't really predict what is happening next to this manga.
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From the look of it, Hodi is no longer the threat in this arc.

I wonder who is the main antagonist here :1

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@KJ: We're still waiting for Decken to throw that giant ship.
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I think my favorite episode is when franky tells the guys they need to combine when on nightmare island lol.

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