Weekly One Piece: Chapter 634

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One Piece has turned the dial up to 11 during their last chapter, and I’m guessing it is going to stay that way until our boy Hody is in a shallow grave. The Straw Hats have just done what they do best, make an excellent entrance. No longer will the New Fishmen Pirates be able to prance around like they own the place, this is Straw Hat Territory now.


Despite this awesome entrance, the Straw Hats are in a bit of a bind, there are only 10 of them. The enemy on the other hand are said to be over 100,000 strong; and if I remember correctly, a merman is like 10 times the strength of a normal man, so that’s like 10,000,000 humans! Though honestly at this point of the story a regular grunt unit is pretty much worthless, so when it comes down to it its more like 10 really strong people they have to fight against; which means they are pretty much equal.

We learn more about how this plan went into fruition during this chapter. Basically instead of Luffy being an aggressor in this situation, he had to be a hero in the eyes of John Q. Taxpayer. Also, Luffy need meat, and meat he will get once this is over (most likely the meat of all those 100,000 fishmen).

Hody is pissed, pissed that Jinbe is helping them, and pissed that the humans are standing up for themselves once again. He tells everyone about what he will become when he is king, stupidly telling them that he will be the King of Pirates, which almost always puts Luffy in a blind rage. And rage he did, using his haki to basically take out 50,000 troops in one blow. Amazing. We end with the rest of the crew entering the battle, giving us hints of a new awesome Franky created weapon in the works. (I’m praying for a mech!)


100,000 really? I can barely see more than 500 people in that area, but maybe that’s just me. Are they all hiding, are they all present there? Is he counting the pirate slaves in that number as well? I don’t believe it until I see an official census.


I can’t wait to see the rest of the Straw Hats go crazy out there on the battle field. Seriously, if there really are 100,000 fishmen out there, that definitely isn’t enough for these monsters. Luffy had already taken out half of them by himself, and we all know this is cake walk for Zoro; hopefully he leaves some alive for the other crew members. Thanks to this chapter, we will probably be getting a Dynasty Warriors One Piece game now.

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This chapter was great. I love how Luffy just strolled up to the soldiers like a boss and KOed the lot of them
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Great now I really want to play a dynasty warriors one piece game
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it was not 100,000 fishmen, it was 100,000 human pirate slaves and fishmen.
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Dynasty Warriors One Piece......... *DROOOOOOOOOL* 
Hody signed his death sentence when he said the King of the Pirates line.....  
Check it, every time some enemy says that, he is up for an ass whupping
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Pssh you try fitting 100,000 dudes onto 1 panel.

Glad shit is going down again. The biggest problem I have with OP is that although the flashback stories are great, they last way too long. Like a good few months!

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Oh my god Luffy went nuts I can't wait for the next chapter
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I though all the Big 3 chapter were on point this week
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Sorry, I couldn't wait to talk about Bleach. SUCH A GOOD CHAPTER!
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I have a huge boner for when this is going to get animated. The animation finally is back in current time, still running a bit slow but gosh if it isn't good.

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100000*10=1 million not 10 million ;)
I always love chapters with Haki in them.
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@Om1kron: ditto
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i love one piece!
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you got to love haki
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Chapter was amazing... to bad it gonna b a whole nother 2 weeks untill the next 1 

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