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It has been far too long, hasn’t it? But the good news is that Oda is feeling better from his sickness, so in turn we get a new One Piece chapter. Last time the Princess left us all with a doozy of a confession, that she knew exactly who killed her mother this entire time. “How did she know?”, and “Why didn’t she tell anyone?”, are some of the questions that are probably in everyone of your heads right now. Let’s find out.


I’m just going to go ahead and say it, this chapter was amazing! Not only that, but the perfect chapter to come back with as well. All the chapters of this arc have been building up just for a moment like this, a moment when the Straw Hats joined arm in arm and said no, we are not going to take this shit anymore! Moments like this remind me of how much I love this manga.

Shirahoshi learned the truth behind her mother’s death from her pet shark Megalo, who just so happened to see everything. This doesn’t really matter, what really matters is that she didn’t tell anyone because her mother’s last wish was to ask her lovely daughter not to hate the assassin, and so she didn’t. I think everyone’s heart melted when they read this, I mean really she must be the nicest mermaid in the world. And to see her suffer like this, watching her father and brother being executed in front of her eyes is painful to watch.

However, this pain is temporary, for when the Straw Hat pirates make their move everything makes sense, everything is right in this world. They all make a grand entrance, especially Luffy kicking Hody to the curb. Man was that satisfying. Somehow all the Straw Hats are back together, which I’m sure we will all get an explanation about how this all went down next chapter.


I was hopping for a punch, not a kick. But hey whatever works!


Yes this was the perfect One Piece chapter! It reminded me of the time when Luffy and friends way back in Arlong Park broke in and did their pose thing as well; and I’m sure that was done on purpose. For Nami crying begging for help and Shirahoshi crying begging for help were really similar. The royal rumble will surely begin next chapter, and I can not wait, I hope my body can take it.

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Alright, i loved this chapter i really did. That last page was suitably EPIC, and i can't freaking wait for the next few chapters. Hody really, really deserves to get his ass handed to him. But, WHY THE HELL DIDN'T SHIRAHOSHI TELL ANYONE ABOUT HODY? 
I get that she wanted to honor her mother's memory about not hating him and everything, i'm not knocking that, that takes stones... or uh, ovaries... whatever. But she doesn't have to hate someone to freaking tell someone that he assassinated the freaking Queen.
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But she doesn't have to hate someone to freaking tell someone that he assassinated the freaking Queen.

Well, if she did tell she would think she doing it out of hate or anger (since her mother was kill by that guy). She know what the King and her brothers would do to Hody (probably won't be a pretty sight), so by not telling she is kind of forgiving him

This was an awesome chapter

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This is why I hate reading manga as they are scanlated...I REALLY want to see what happens next, but it's not released yet.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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@thuiscool: Hey, its better than waiting the year and change that we have to wait typically for the graphic novels!

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