Weekly One Piece: Chapter 632

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Last chapter Hody has transformed into a monster of a fishman, and yes his hair did turn silver, because we all know that silver hair means complete bad ass and not a shriveled up old man. But that’s not all, the three princes decided to launch an all out attack against him and his crew in order to rescue their father who is to be executed. They did a fine job taking the riffraff out, but will they be able to take out the head honcho?


Nope, the princes luck ran out when they faced Hody. Maybe someone alive out there though that the princes had a fighting chance, but now me; they were doomed from the start. Hody’s plan of undersea domination is coming together nicely. In fact, this whole chapter is all about him twisting the knife in the wound. If you didn’t hate Hody before this chapter, I’m sure you just want to rip his head off now. Not only did he capture everyone from the Royal Family, but he openly admits to murdering the Queen back in the day!

This wasn’t really a surprise, hell the Princess knew it was him in the first place, but it was the way he said it that really rocked my world. You would expect him to hold on to that secret for a little longer, but he just let it out like a gossiping school girl. Now everyone wants him dead, and I wish the Straw Hats were there to hear it as well, but I’m sure it will happen sooner or later. Not only that, but Hody also shoots the Gypsy mermaid after she proclaims that the island will be Luffy’s after this is all through! If things didn’t suck enough, the chapter closes with Decken launching a giant ship called Noir at the Princess. This things is as big as half of Fishman Island! Things are not looking good for those people who can’t breathe underwater.


As noted on the last page, it appears as if Oda has come down with a sickness of some sort, pushing back One Piece a week. Feel better!


One Piece always has some great villains, and this chapter helped us hate Hody a little more, which is always nice because it is then really great to see him fall later. The Straw Hats are going to have to move pretty soon, or else there will be nothing to save!

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You forgot to put the "e" in the end of breath :)

I hope Luffy come and just destroy the giant ship with his fist, that be way awesome

I like this chapter to, hope Oda-sama feels better

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So Luffys fight with Hody will result in the destruction of fishman island, and the survivors will take that big ass ship to the surface and the revive will be complete. That's what i think anyway.

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@lambwisegamgee: yeah that does make perfect sense, everyone wins, the fishmen are on the surface, and Arlong comes back and joins the Straw Hats!

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