Weekly One Piece: Chapter 631

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Last chapter we met more of Hody’s demented family. They all are interesting in their own right, and will probably put up a good fight against our team of heroes. However, the big event last chapter was Hody’s overdose on steroids, which nearly killed him. Will this battle be over before it even started? Though if he did die, I guess it would prove the message all those arcade games have been giving me all through my childhood was right.


Nope, Hody is not dead after his binge on steroids. In fact, after recovering he is not like 100 times stronger! Strong enough to now be a threat to the Straw Hats after their two year grind fest. I’m not sure how this happened, or wether this will be a permanent change, but Hody is looking many times cooler now, instead of his fat hippy look. In fact he threw a drop of water through, not one mountain, not two mountains, but six mountains! I can barely through a drop of water through a few phone books, but this man can level a city with one!


The three princes launch their attack against the New Fishman Pirates in an attempt to free their father. I know we all were expecting them to get their asses kicked pretty easily, but they actually put up a good fight against the sea kings. But I believe that is where the ass kicking will conclude, the rest of the gang are too strong for these little fishies. In the end we see the Princess and Jinbe fly off to the square, but Luffy is no where to be seen. Did Jinbe eat him, or could he be hiding inside of the shark?


My body is aching for a fight, and I can tell one is getting close, but I can’t stand it anymore! Hurry up Straw Hats and kick their asses!


Another set up chapter, but things seem to finally be moving toward battle in future chapters. Hody has just powered up, and Drecken has figured out a new dastardly plan, the Straw Hats better step up their game if they want to survive.

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Where can I get those pills? :)

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Is it just me, or did he age about ten years? Not just the white hair, Hodi seems a lot more detached than before, like he isn't all there.
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Roid Rage!
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Everyone will guess that princes will lose and Luffy will come out as saviour, but I want some exciting and unpredictable sequences.
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That is such a weird twist to the use of the steroid. It made him uber. I guess we needed a big enemy for Luffy to fight, but this is weird. It was pretty obvious that Zoro was going to fight the swordsman fish-pirate. Luffy takes the big guy.
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I know how this arc's going to end. Jimbei will fight Hody and be defeated. Luffy will fight Hody, and this will be seen as a sign of human friendship with fishman. Everyone wins. Except Hody.
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