Weekly One Piece: Chapter 630

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The sea is boiling with the anger of the fishmen, there is a revolution afoot! However, for Luffy this revolution is setting him against his fishmen friends, Jinbe. In order not to perpetuate this hate, Jinbe does not want Luffy to use violence to save his kidnapped friends, but Luffy must because their lives are in danger if he sits back and does nothing. What is the answer to this conundrum?


We do not get an answer this chapter, and to be honest I don’t think there is a solid answer to the question in the first place, both are right in their own sense. This chapter reintroduces some of the enemies the Straw Hats are going to face in the future, and what they are doing to help Hordy at the moment. You know the story is getting complicated when Oda has to draw the map, though this map seems relatively hard to understand.

I’m enjoying more of these New Fishmen Pirates lieutenants the more I learn about them, especially the drunk octopus fishmen Hyouzou. We all knew he was going to be a bad ass the first time we saw him, and now that he is a drunk, this steps everything up a notch. But the most important theme I think these guys are pushing is that they are all addicted to some kind of drug, so I’m betting the farm that we will be getting a “Winners Don’t Do Drugs” message by the time this is all through. Considering that at the end of the chapter we see Hordy relapsing hard because of all the drugs he did. But the curious part is that the sea kings are showing signs of this struggle within Hordy as well. How are they connected?


Tons of things are happening, and they all are happening at once. It’s not too bad, but I think the story could be simplified a little more, but I’ll see where this is going before I make any more judgments. Also on the title page, does that blacksmith have Zoro’s picture in his shower? AWKWARD!

*Puts picture of Zoro in my shower*


Since we’ve been reintroduced to the side villains again, I think its time for these two groups of pirates to duke it out! Will Luffy be able to save his friends and most importantly, the King from being executed? Can he properly save someone once again after the failure of his brother’s death?

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Of course he has Zoro's picture in his bathroom. He gave him his swords and now he's famous.
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The drunk octopus will become Sashimi, cut down by Zoro's swords.... 
The Ika-Ika guy will be dried up by Sanji Diable Jambe..... 
Overdosed Hody is digievolving into Stoner Hody!
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@Masako_Hihashi said:
Overdosed Hody is digievolving into Stoner Hody!
He going from Rookie to Champion or Champion to Ultimate?
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Luffy is optimistic and charismatic.  I think he will find a way to save his friends.
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Is it just me that wants Luffy to take some of these super 'roids ?

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Online Now

This chapter spent a whole lot of time introducing characters of little consequence just to point out that the drug Hordy is taking has some serious side effects.

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I love that Oda is fleshing the New Fishman Pirates, but I'm kind of done with all the setup. Let's get into the meat of this arc please, I wanna see the New World already, ha ha!

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