Weekly One Piece: Chapter 629

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Luffy and gang have had it up to here *points really high* with Hodi and his gang of racist fishmen. They have kidnapped members of the Straw Hat crew, placed the castle under siege, and taken over the town--what more can these fishy bastards do? Luffy being Luffy wants to bring an end to it now, but there is only one man standing in his way, Jinbe. Will they settle this with fists, or with more flashbacks? Let’s find out.


I might have completely missed the point last chapter, but their argument boils down to this. Luffy can not save the city because it will just be another example of how the humans have once again barged their way into their land, settling their differences with violence. Since the Straw Hats have already defeated Arlong, defeating Hodi will just drive the point home. However, Luffy on the other hand does have a right to free his captured crew, and save his friends that are in grave danger if Hodi reigns under the sea. The two battle, with no one taking the lead.

Suddenly Robin jumps between the two and attempts to stop them from fighting, it relatively works, and gets Sanji punched too, so its all good in my book. Even though they stopped fighting physically, they still trade blows verbally, with no one coming ahead in this situation.

In other news Brook shows us all a new ability he has picked up during the timeskip. Now he is able to scout with his soul, sending it out of his body to do his bidding. Using this they can get Pappug to find the key to their cage, or Zorro’s sword, and break free before they all drown. However, it appears Pappug is deathly afraid of Brook’s spirit, as is normal.


I was expecting either Luffy or Jinbe to give up during this verbal battle this chapter, but none of them have. Which basically boils down to: I AM RIGHT... NO I AM RIGHT.... GRRRRRR. Though this isn’t really bad per se, it just shows that this isn’t an easy question to answer.


Really the only thing I can think of is if Jinbe joins the crew and rescues their friends so that it is a fishmen who is doing the saving, and not a human. But all this talk rescuing their friends might be worthless since Brook might save them all anyway. I’m excited to see how this will all work out in the end.

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It's cool that Robin can now make a clone of herself not just small parts of her body.
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Sound like a normal day in the battle threads LOL!

I love the part where Sanji jump in the middle of the fight to save Robin and the part with Pappug

All in all, I'll give this chapter a 4/5

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I dont care who does it, i just want hodi to get get smacked up good.

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I was actually expecting Luffy and Jinbe to go at it but for the most part I wasn't too disappointed by this chapter
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Why they just give Luffy a Fishman costume, so he could beat up Hodi    
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it was an okay chapter, learning new things about their abilities is always nice... it's Zoro not Zorro
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Seriously? After spending two entire YEARS training with Rayleigh, Luffy can't even beat jinbei?
So disappointed....

Ace was able to fight Jinbei to a standstill, and Jinbei got his ass kicked by Akainu. If Luffy can't even beat Jinbei then what possible hope does he have of taking on ANY of the guys he had trouble fighting before?
Even Jinbei said how disappointed he was in Luffy's new strength!

From what we've seen so far, the only person his training will help him against is Smoker, and that's just because he can finally hit the guy.

My only comforting thought is that Luffy was seriously holding back out of respect for the fishman, because otherwise Luffy is gonna get killed.
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@Solitaire: Luffy had to be holding back, he has to be stronger than that.

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You do know Jinbei is Luffy's friend, he don't want to really hurt his friends

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