Weekly One Piece: Chapter 627

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It appears that our little romp in fish land is soon coming to a finish, or so I hope. Last chapter we all saw what we knew was coming, the Queen has been assassinated. For what reasons? We don’t really know, but perhaps this chapter will clue us in.


Within a few seconds of the shot, they have already found the shooter. And surprise surprise it is a human. Jinbe wants to hide this from everyone to help keep the Queen’s ideals alive, but it is Hodi Jones that tells everyone the truth, that the humans did it and that humans suck. The King is pissed, and has to be locked away before he rips something apart. He knows more than anyone that this has just put an end to everything the queen has been working for this entire time.

During her funeral her sons tell the world that her ideas will live on through them, and they will travel to the surface for “reverie”, the chance to tell the world of their dream. Thusly the story of this flashback has finished. Luffy of course is sleeping, and Sanji is still pissed, but Nami understands, and everyone gets along in the end.

We learn that Hodi has plans to stop this year’s group of fishmen from entering reverie, thusly stopping them from leaving the sea. Unlike Arlong, Hodi has no problem hurting fishmen in order to get what he wants. At the end of the chapter we see Hodi begin a broadcast about his plans for world domination, or something of that sort.


I really can’t complain about this chapter, it was just completely filled with so much information that I can’t think of anything else.


So here is my prediction, I think the human that shot the queen was actually planted there by Hodi, because Hodi was among the first people to find him. I guarantee this is all Hodi’s doing for sure. We have a break next week, but I’m sure the next time we will finally see the Straw Hats loose their cool and confess their intentions to beat the hell out of the Hodi gang.

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BEST FLASHBACK EVER!!! T-T I hope Jinbei joins the Straw-hat, or Hachi...
Post by Destinyheroknight (10,512 posts) See mini bio Level 21

One Piece always have the best flashback of the HST

Post by Jinbeifan1 (4,112 posts) See mini bio Level 14

we have three possibilities  
1. Jinbei joins the Strawhats(the highest possibilty) 
2. Mermaid Princess joins them(A little high because of that prophecy) 
3. both join(would be awesome and epic but not very high chance)
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Hodi's not the one that planted the sniper. Decken is! it was all part of his diabolical plot to touch the princess. The fact that he hired (or framed) a human was pure coincidence.
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What did Nami mean when she said he has a similar background with Princess Shirahoshi?
Is it their experiences? Or somehow related since they have similar looks?
Post by ouchmydragonballs (41 posts) See mini bio Level 8
^ its cuz both of their moms were killed by chotchs.
Post by GodLen (877 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@ninjadude853: Yeah that could be it! I didn't realize that, but he did help her after the Queen was shot.

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Jinbei and the King have the MANLIEST TEARS EVER!!!!!!
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It would be amazing if Jinbe joined the crew, though i could also see Shirohoshi joining aswell.
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I think Nami will turn out to be part mermaid. I was kinda disappointed  to find out the killer was just a random  human and no one really important that would become relevant to the story. I think that would have made it more interesting and dramatic.
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