Weekly One Piece: Chapter 625 and 626

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I’m back from the land of the real pirates, the Caribbean! There I visited Blackbeard’s castle, the real Blackbeard of course. Funny that even when I’m not looking for One Piece merchandise, I still find it. After the jump take a look at a picture of this gem that I found in the Blackbeard’s castle; it might not be official, but hey it’s One Piece so I’m still happy. Other than that I don’t remember much about the castle, since they served some amazing drinks in their bar. Anyways, let’s talk about the last two chapters after the jump.


After two chapters I expected this flashback to be finished, but I guess not! To make a long story short. The Tenryuubito have crash landed on Fishman Island, well at least one of them did. He is a dick to the highest caliber, and even when every fishman around want him dead, the Queen still saves his life. Doing so gets her a ride to the surface and a shot to plead her case to the rest of the world. Her gamble pays off and the she gets their backing (surprisingly), and now the rest of the fishmen come and back her up on getting her signatures.

However, a couple years later she is assassinated like Dr. Martin Luther King by someone mysterious. But before that happens we learn more about Princess Shirahoshi, that she has a gift to speak to sea kings and possibly control them, no wonder she is so big! The queen beg her sons to protect her because she is something special, and they agree. I don’t know about you guys, but this princess character just might be a Straw Hat. Especially when it states that there is a legend of a man who will guide her and help her, even though the silhouette looks like Shanks, it has to be Luffy!


Yes this flashback is great and everything, but can we go back already? I haven’t seen Zoro or Mansopp in like a month, I totally forgot what they look like!


Ever since this flashback started I’ve been saying that it will be short and it will end in the next chapter, and I’ve never been right! So I’m just going to say that it will never end and I hope we all enjoy our new fish overlords. Also I wonder who killed the Queen? If I had to take a guess, it would be The Comedian, after all he killed JFK.

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If this chapter wasn't the last of this flashback, the next one will.
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Where do i get the Ace watch they advertised after the last chapter? because i very much want...no, need it!
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Yah it was cool at first but now its getting kinda old
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Like the people here know who the Comedian is.
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