Weekly One Piece: Chapter 624

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Within the last couple of chapters we have been learning everything about the fishmen’s past that we would care to know. Last chapter we witnessed the fate of Fisher Tiger, the hero of the fishmen. Because of his death everything he fought for seems to be falling apart at the seams, including his friend Arlong. What will happen to the rest of the Sun Pirates now that their leader is gone?


News of Tiger’s death has already spread far and wide, thanks to Arlong’s account of it. However, he left out a couple of the key details, like Tiger’s stint as a slave, and his betrayal. With Arlong away, things have relatively returned back to normal, but human and fishmen relations are still in the red. The average fishman now wants nothing more to do with the Queen’s request, and frankly wants her to shut up about all this human fishman relations. Because of this, she gives an impromptu speech on accident, that might have moved some of them to believing her agenda, but we have yet see anyone address this.

Out of nowhere, Jinbe is asked to become a royal shichibukai, perhaps because of his large bounty. After thought he agrees, which he argues is what Fisher Tiger would have wanted. His first act as a shichibukai is to free Arlong. Though Arlong does not want to follow Jinbe, but break off on his own and terrorize humans once more. With this the old Sun Pirates break apart into three different factions.

Finally we see a wounded ship approach Fishmen Island. However, this is no average ship, but a Tenryuubito ship, and we all know that the Tenryuubito are all ass holes, so this cannot be good.


This flashback is dragging a little now that it is concentrating more on the bigger picture and a recalling of events, rather than a more personal story like last chapter. And for the record, I’m not really caring at all about the Queen’s efforts.


It looks like the flashback is headed toward its conclusion with the next chapter. I believe this chapter will be about Whitebeard coming to save the day and the Queen dying. Also we might get another flashback explaining how Arlong bought his cool Hawaiian shirt in the next chapter as well.

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Seeing how Jinbe got his notice (from a bat), it's ALMOST official that Buggy got promoted to Shichibukai after the war. Can't wait to see what him and Mr. 3 are up to. MAYBE they've spent time leveling up, but...I doubt it.

It'll be hilarious when his devoted crew realize how weak he really is, and how it's just a coincidence that he was part of Roger's crew and is friends with Shanks.

Now that I think about it, Oda was smart enough to keep the interesting villains from East Blue somewhat relevant and let the boring ones fall by the wayside.

Morgan, Kuro, Kreig? FORGET ABOUT EM! Did anybody care?

If you ask me, this chapter is an improvement to what the flashback is establishing. I favor the ones that focus on the bigger picture, because they accomplish much more in the grand scheme of things.
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i liked the part when jinbei beat the crap outta arlong lol
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I wanted to know what did Jinbe do to have a 250 million bounty, anyway, I don't know why but Arlong looks really badass in this chapter xD.
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Oh, God. I think this is how Queen Otohime dies:

Tenryuubito come. Capture a lot of mermen and fishmen to have as slaves. One tries to capture royal family. Otohime resists Tenryuubito.

Is either shot and killed, or dies from overexertion (From hitting Tenryuubito)

Either way, it's going to have to do with those jackasses (pronounced Tenryuubito)
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