Weekly One Piece: Chapter 623

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With Golden Week now over, we are back with our weekly look at everyone’s favorite manga, One Piece. If you remember, last chapter we were in mid process of learning about the sun pirates and their sad story. They were asked to take a former slave girl named Koala back to her home. The crew agreed but at first morally objected to helping a human. Over time they accepted it, though Arlong is still an asshole. Will she make it home in ONE PIECE?


To most of the sun pirates, Koala has become an honorary fishwoman. They learn that most people fear the fishmen because they know nothing about them, and the fishmen can relate to that because they really know nothing about the humans as well. Finally they make it back to her home island, “Full Shout Island”. It’s a sad sendoff for everyone, and Fisher Tiger himself escorts her back to her parents. However, after the deed is done he and the rest of the sun pirates are ambushed by Rear Admiral Strawberry, who ends up shooting Tiger half to death and destroys their boat.

After stealing a navy boat, the crew works frantically to save their captain. The only way is to give him some human blood, but he refuses. On his deathbed, he admits that he was actually a slave back then, and had freed the slaves when he himself escaped. He admits that no matter how hard he tried, he can not love a human, it is only with the next generation that has the potential for love, not hate.

To no surprise Arlong is pissed off about Tiger’s death, and goes on to seek revenge against Full Shout Island. But unlucky for him, Vice Admiral Borsalino is there and arrests him.


I really wanted to see what kind of power Rear Admiral Strawberrry has. On the same note, its also sad to see Tiger get taken down by simple guns, I’d rather have him put up more of a fight. But then again, guns only really kill people in flash backs.


Koala is a very interesting character, and I can bet you the farm that we will see her once again before this manga is finished. Hell, she might even be a Straw Hat pirate candidate if she plays her cards right. Or we might already know her, could Koala in fact be Jewelry Bonney? I doubt it, but its something to think about. It looks like we will have one more chapter left in this flashback, probably explaining how Jinbe saved Arlong.
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Fisher Tiger shouldn't hate human, he didn't aware that Koala's mother's betrayal was caused by mother's love..............................................
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I wonder when we'll see Koala again. And holy crap, the same idea popped into my head. I seriously doubt she's Jewelry Bonney, though.

This was an ok chapter. As a flashback it's pretty predictable in a negative way. Somebody had to die dramatically, manly tears had to be shed. But it's saved by the racism theme the fishmen are all about.

 I think I need to get the Whitebeard War out of my head, because my expectations have gotten too high, thanks to it.
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