Weekly One Piece: Chapter 622

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Right now we all sunk head first into a flashback story arc most of us have been waiting to happen; the story of the fishmen, especially Arlong and Jinbe. Last chapter we were introduced to all the characters, and learned that Fisher Tiger has just pulled an Abraham Lincoln and freed all the slaves. Now its time for payback.


The new Sun pirates are out for blood, but things heat up when Arlong decides he wants to execute every human he sees for the crime of being born a human. Fisher is furious, if they kill humans, then they will be just as bad as the humans. Their only roll is to break the rules of the world and to free the oppressed, their battle is about liberation only, nothing more. Arlong, doesn’t agree, but he gets hit enough times by his friends to calm down a little.

While the Queen on the other hand is having a horrible time trying to convince her fish people that being friends with the humans is a good thing. However, everyone is aboard the hating train at the moment, so everyone seems to be ignoring her.

Skip ahead three years and the pirates are asked to bring a former slave human boy back to his home. The boy, named Koala is almost instantly bitched slapped by Arlong for smiling too much. But the boy is used to it for he knows to keep working or else death awaits him. Fisher is moved by this and burns away the boy’s brand, telling him that they will bring him home no matter what; everyone cheers!


What was with that guy with the Marge Simpson hair? I wonder if he is a good fighter?


Last chapter I said this was going to be a quick flashback, but now I’m not sure anymore. It is looking like it could be much longer, most likely 2 to 3 chapters more. I’m enjoying it so far, especially seeing how noble the Sun pirates are, minus Arlong of course.
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Fisher Tiger is AWESOME. Seriously, he's replaced Jinbe as my favorite fishman.
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Fisher Fricking Tiger Is Fraggin' Awesome
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