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The band is finally back together and they are ready to put on a performance so epic that it will make Woodstock look like a grade-school musical. The Straw Hats are finally heading toward Fishman Island with their newly coated ship! What awaits our new team of heroes? Let’s find out!


The Good

My first assumption when meeting all these new pirates that formed ties with the fake Straw Hat crew were that they were all throwaway characters; well, I was wrong. The Caribou crew is pissed off about how the impostor Straw Hat crew had lied to them this whole time, so naturally Wet Haired Caribou decides to bury them alive. They never intended to ally with the Straw Hats in the first place, for they schemed to kill them internally. Caribou also appears to be a logia type Devil Fruit user, who has some kind of power that allows him to turn into a thick white liquid. He used this thick white liquid on the fake Sanji to suffocate him; a nightmare the real Sanji had constantly faced for two whole years while trapped with the girly boys.

In other news, the Sabaody Archipelago is still in shambles after the battle with the Marines. Sentoumaru is shocked at how powerful the Straw Hats have grown, and have issued a warning to the government about their growth. Rayleigh also spends some time reminiscing about the Straw Hats and his past. Which then eludes us to a pretty big revelation, that the Pirate King himself had a straw hat, most likely the same straw hat that Luffy wears on his head to this day!

The Straw Hats are back to having fun and going on adventures. However, their journey to the bottom of the ocean will not be an easy one for it appears as everything wants to pop their ships bubble of protection. Not to mention that their ship is in this fine condition today because of the help of their friends who spent two years protecting it with their lives. The number one man responsible for this protection was none other than Barholomew Kuma, who gave his all to protect the ship. Franky tells everyone that they all are in debt to this man for he has saved the crew during multiple instances. But sadly, now he is nothing more than a human weapon who has lost all memory of his actions and his humanity. The crew however does not have time to hold hands in thanks, for Caribou and his crew are quickly catching up with the Straw Hats, and ready to throw down.

The Bad

I am torn with the idea the Gold Rodger had the straw hat as well. I mean it is cool that it is kind of a pass down object, from Gold Rodger to Shanks, and then from Shanks to Luffy, but its also annoying how much Luffy and Rodger are alike now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodger somehow had the Gomu Gomu fruit as well.  

The Verdict 4/5

A ton of info was dumped on us this chapter, and it took a lot of energy to digest it all. I’m happy that Caribou might actually put up a good fight against the Straw Hats, and how brutal he was with the fake crew. I suspect Caribou will try to pop their air bubble, thanks to all this discussion on how to pop it; and really all he has to do is pop it to defeat the entire crew. This is going to be interesting!
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I can't wait to see one of the crew roflstomp those chorbo guys.
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Really Gold Rodger have the same Straw Hat Luffy is wearing. What next, we find out that Luffy's grandfather is Gold Rodger brother 
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I'm pretty sure One Piece is the hat, now.
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This chapter was great the straw hat surprised me though, but this makes the will of D connect a little too 
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Damn, this chapter was out FAST.
I'm just happy that Shakky wasn't hurt by Kuma. Oh, I wouldn't forgive him if he did that. It was interesting that Kuma had his body programed to protect the crew's ship. Robin seems to know what is going one, but didn't say anything.
My only complaint is that they are overdoing it with Sanji's nosebleed gag. I get it that he's had some tough times, but it's going too far.
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i kinda feel bad for Sanji now, he can't enjoy what he loves now lol 
seriously though that nosebleeding problem of better not affect the battles and such
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One piece is a hat...now that's news to me. The will of D and the overarching myths should be starting to reveal themselves soon.
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Did this comic EVER use the nosebleed gag at all before now?
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I did notice that during this chapter. They pointed out that Luffy can't use his powers through the coating bubble. Though we all know that now Luffy could easily defeat this threat that is behind them.
There is still one member of the crew that we really haven't seem much of, and I'm talking about the Thousand Sunny. We know Franky gave the ship an upgrade, but we haven't been shown what those were. Perhaps this siutation would be a good time for the Sunny to act. Nami did explain that a ship can attack through the coating.

Even Robin might have some new tricks. She hasn't shown any new attacks or strengths. We have almost no idea what she was doing over those two years.
I was very rare. I think the first time it was used was in the Alabasta Arc when Nami used her Happiness Punch! attack. I don't think it was used again officially until just just after Thriller Bark Arc, and one of the Risky Brothers made some comment on how mermaids don't even wear panties. 
Sanji got a nosebleed once more after he faced Duval that first time and was sinking in that iron net. Camie swam underwater to rescue him and was clutching his head to her chest. He had a nosebleed then.
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What could have robin done through those two years? Maybe she's already seen lots of rio ponelyphs, who knows maybe raftel is the last one she hasn't?
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Wow, SO much to take in this week.
First thing's first
Corbou. This is something that I've actually been wondering about for quite some time, basically wince we were first introduced to the logia type, and that's whether or not a water element, devil fruit would make any sense. I mean there are only so many "elements" to choose from, and one of the most obvious would be water. 
However, this would also come into conflict with the main weakness of the devil fruit which would be the inability to function or swim in water. I'm interested to see how this plays out.
As for Sanji, I was hoping that his time in training would help him get over his ridiculous behavior towards women, but if anything, it seems as though being away from them for so long has rendered him completely catatonic in the presence of the fairer sex.
I don't know that Robin's fighting skills will have improved too terribly much, but what I am hoping for is that her archaeological skills have improved, and that, god willing, she can FINALLY shed some light onto the Revolutionary Army so that we can have some contextual understanding that goes farther than simply knowing the identity of their leader.
@secretzfan: & @psychotime: 
You both make excellent points. I'm starting to think that the Hat itself may be the manifestation of D's will. Gracing those with the will to forge their own destinty with the honor of wearing it.
As for the One Piece, I'm still holding a torch for my original idea, that the One Piece itself is actually a magical one piece bathing suit that allows devil fruit users to swim.
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i love one piece
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@psychotime: Yes, but not as excessively as of late. Sanji was always the one doing it though, outside of the Happiness Punch (naturally). 
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