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There is big trouble in little Sabaody Archipelago for the Straw Hats as the marines attempt to collect the Straw Hats’ bounties. However, these new overpowered Straw Hats are no match for the pathetic marines at this point. Will they finally meet up and move on, or will One Piece now only take place on Sabaody Archipelago and become a buddy cop show?

The Good

Hot damn, I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Rayleigh is a bad ass. He understood that Luffy and crew must move on, so he decided to join the battle and hold off the marines as they escape; and seriously, who would want to cross that man? This doesn’t seem to help Luffy out much for they are once again surrounded by another marine unit. However, this time our sexy friend Perona stepped in to help them out. In fact it appears as if the crew is getting help from the side characters that trained the crew during the time skip.

Finally the band is back together, the Straw Hat Pirates have reunited! Best part is Sanji soon realizes Luffy’s fate over the past two years, and has a heart attack. The reunion is cut short once they realize that there are tons of marines out there that want them dead, so they decided to set sail and dive toward Fisherman Island.

The Bad

You would think that the marines have a way of submersing their ships as well, but from the looks of it I don’t think they do.

The Verdict 4/5

I’m overjoyed that the crew is back together, and they are finally ready to start the adventure again. But what will happen when they reach Fisherman Island? Will they have to help defend or rescue the fishermen from the Celestial Dragons? Will Arlong be there? Or is this just going to be a pit stop on their way to bigger and better things?
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I'm kinda hoping that when they get to fishman island they get themselves into the same kinda of trouble that they have in the past but instead of a long arc and difficult fights they just kick its a**.
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This was a good chapter. I liked the moment of Nami trying to drag Luffy away from staring at Franky. She even called him "captain" in this one. I think the last time she addressed him as Captain was on Drum Island and they were trying to get her to the doctor.
Perona looks as if she got a tattoo of one of Moria's Brick Bat attacks, and she has a Kumacy doll. That's was adorable.
I've been looking forward to seeing Sanji's reaction when he learned where Luffy was sent. That was a great moment. Sanji will be anemic after all of this.
You know what I thought of recently? It's been two years and Camie wasn't at Sabaody Archipelago. We know that when Mermaids reach a certain age that they cam form legs. What if in those years she developed her legs? I wonder if she could end of being the next crew member. The only thing holding her back from that spot is no apparent fighting style. Only chance she has is if she learned Fish-man Karate over the years.
With Whitebeard dead. Fish-man Island is pretty well in danger. I knew Luffy would help in it's rescue. It's funny when you think about it. The crew has been on the past to Fish-man Island since they left Water 7. Yeah, it's been that long.
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I wonder if Jimbei is protecting Fishman Island now
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I loved this chapter!
This gave me the closure I've been hungering for since Kuma poofed everyone away.
I am very glad they are finally on their way and I cannot wait to see what everyone can do.
@FoxxFireArt: @FoxxFireArt said:
"You know what I thought of recently? It's been two years and Camie wasn't at Sabaody Archipelago. We know that when Mermaids reach a certain age that they cam form legs. What if in those years she developed her legs?"
Kokoro said that Mermaids' tails split when they turn 30. I SERIOUSLY doubt that Camie was 28 before the time-skip. but I do share your surprise at her absence.
There is however, something that surprised me. 
I couldn't really tell from the picture, but it didn't look like Rayleigh's slash impeded Sentoumaru at all, and the fact that he just disappeared  after his dramatic entrance was very disappointing for me.
i can only assume that Rayleigh did stop him, considering that Sentoumaru seems to have fostered an an obsession with Luffy that borders on rivaling Smoker's, there is no way in hell that he would just let them all get away unless he had no other choice.
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All I could think of reading this was "thank God all that exposition is finally over."
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I am very excited to see what happens to the Straw hats next. If Fishman island is in trouble now that White Beard is dead I'm sure Luffy will help out. Not only because Luffys a good fellow, but because of all the help  Jimbei gave him trying to save Ace. 
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It is odd how Sentomaru just vanishes.
That's true. That blows my theory out of the water then. I am guessing that Camie is in Fish-man Island now.
I was almost wondering if Margaret would join the crew. She has Haki abilities and potential for a good fighter.
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I stopped watching One Piece a loooong time ago... Is he king of the pirates already?
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@Morita_Shunsuke: yes, yes he is
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