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If you remember correctly, the Straw Hats have not fully gathered together yet, but are on the same island. Last chapter we where reintroduced to Franky and Zoro, and both have wet our appetite for more. Also “tight defense” Sentomaru is on his way to crash the party with his giant axe. Will the crew come together before he attacks, or will he be the next member to join the crew?


The Good

Right off the bat we see Chopper running away from the fake Straw Hat crew in an attempt to find the fake Robin. In his reindeer form one can easily tell that he has aged, almost looking like an adult reindeer, though I’m no zoologist. Not only that, but we see Franky with his old hair back! It’s almost as if Oda has been reading the request from fans and have been changing the manga to help appease some of them.

The Straw Hats are gradually coming together, but haven’t fully combined to form their amazing team yet. But it will happen soon, and the place they will all meet I suspect will be grove #42. Luffy has been tricked by the fake Straw Hats to come to their crew gathering at grove #46. Here rookies have come from all over to join the Straw Hats, and from a bounty perspective they are all pretty powerful. Like the super rookie brothers, who have a bounty that came relatively close to Luffy’s pre time skip bounty.

Even though we all know Luffy could probably take them all himself now, he might still get some assistance for the Straw Hat crew when they meet up with Luffy. Rayleigh instructed the Straw Hats to move the ship to grove #42, which might be near Luffy’s location, or they just might meet him there. All I know is that there is going to be some whoop ass next chapter.

The Bad

I was hoping something special was going to happen in this 600th chapter, but it was just business as normal with Oda, oh well. And I’m still surprised that the fake crew are still alive, Zoro needs to snap, and soon!

The Verdict 3/5

Even though I keep on saying it, this crew is going to finally meet up this next chapter! They have to! Though at the least the entire crew minus Luffy will meet up. Perhaps even Luffy by himself will take care of the entire pirate gathering at grove #46, one can dream. As Rayleigh stated, it’s finally time to restart!
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You've got this titled as 599, not 600 :P
Anyways, good chapter.  Franky parts were pretty funny (hand within hand, controllable hair) and the Brooke parts were good too.
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Uhhh, isn't this chapter 600. You have it labeled 599 in the headline. Last week was 599.
I really didn't notice how large Chopper had become since we last saw him until he was in full dear form.

While the time skip is exciting. They are really drawing out this reunion. Not only is there the fake Straw Hats. Sentomaru is heading there with some of the PX robots.
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SUPER psyched that Franky can get back his pompadour any time he wants, and it's nice to see that Chopper did in fact grow quite a bit. His horns have gotten quite a bit bigger.
I was very sorry to see that Luffy's trusting naivety hasn't changed at all. I would've thought that with his new haki powers he would be able to sense the difference between the impostors and the real Zoro and Sanji.
@FoxxFireArt: I'm with you, It'd be nice if they actually got around to wiping out the fake straw hats and the rematch with Sentoumaru so they can FINALLY get to Fish Man Island.
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Though, you do have to admire how non-linear the story has been? Especially for how the series is suppose to run in a straight line by design. From one island to the next then the next.
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I never expected anything awesome for chapter 600 I will wait till it hits 1000
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I am hoping for the next confrontation between Luffy and Sentomaru.  This time though with Luffy is able to control his Haki.  No more will he have an unbreakable defence.
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Zoro has officially reached a new level of badassness
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