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The bands back together! Well, to be honest they are not back in each other’s arms yet, but they are on the same island, so that counts. After two years away its finally time to see how our favorite pirate crew has grown. We have yet to see Zoro or Franky’s post time skip form, let’s take a look at how they changed.

The Good

Last chapter we left as Luffy and the fake Luffy encountered each other in the streets of Sabaody Archipelago. Of course Luffy is a swell guy so he doesn’t really care too much about this fake piece of trash and apologizes and moves forward. However, once the fake Luffy fires his gun at him, well all bets are off. Luffy uses his haki to overwhelm the crew, forcing them to pass out; much like what Shanks did when he paid a visit to Whitebeard.

Robin and Franky meet up at our friend Thousand Sunny, which still looks the same as we remember it. Franky has gotten humongous compared to his last “model”. Not only has he gotten huge, but he appears more robotic now than before, which makes me happy. Hopefully his new arms give him a big boost in firepower that has been in store for him for awhile now. Though it also appears as if he can remove those arms and install different ones, like a giant drill for example (a man can dream right?).

On the other side of the island Sanji meets up with Zoro, who fell asleep on the wrong pirate ship which just so happened to be descending into the ocean. Sadly it appears as if everyone on the ship perished as Zoro sliced the entire thing in half while it was entirely underwater. Oh well, we finally see Zoro who does in fact have both of his arms, but one of his eyes (though this time the scar is on his other eye). In conclusion, Zoro is still badass.

The Bad

A part of me wished Luffy would give that impersonator a beat down so bad that it would rip through the page and slap you in the face; something like that. But Luffy isn’t a bad guy, so I can understand.

The Verdict 3/5

The crew hasn’t met up yet, but they better soon for Sentoumaru and his robotic friends are on their way to break up this party. Will Luffy be able to break through his iron defense, or will the bad guys kill another one of Luffy’s relatives? I assume it should be in the next chapter, but the crew are too spread apart it seems. I have a feeling they are all going to see each other during the battle that will surly rage as soon as the marines make their appearance.
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Glad to see someone else noticed that Zoro's scar changed eyes. This sorta scraps my previous point about his uncanny resemblance to Rayleigh as they now have their scars on different eyes.
ah well 
Franky looks AWESOME!!
Now looking far more machine than man, he seems to have taken quite a few pages from Vegapunk's Pacifista design, and, it seems, a few upgrade ideas for new weapons for Sunny.
Still bummed that he shaved off the pompadour though...
First look at Luffy's new skills! Looks like he can focus his Haoshoku haki just like Shanks and Rayleigh now.
From the looks of it we're going to see an almost exact re-enactment of their previous battle on Sabaody.
Can't WAIT to see what everyone can do!!
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in the last week Luffy fight was good with fake Luffy. do you think i'm telling right? 
Post by Yogan_Kaji (30 posts) See mini bio Level 8

They got really powerful I see, Luffy is a bullet timer out of gears now. Wish I saw more of Zoro though.
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Franky looks pretty damn weird. Just look how wide his shoulders are now. How the hell will he ever expect to get through a doorway? He's now wider at the shoulders than he is tall.
Now that everyone has been seen. I hope something will finally happen next chapter. It's number 600. So, here's hoping it's something huge.
Boa's idea of Luffy hiding who he is to avoid being identified and causing a stir was messed but before he even got there by the fake Luffy.

Something Overlooked

Something that was not mentioned in this article. Didn't we also learn that Luffy's bounty went up? The fake Luffy said he had a 400,000,000 berry price. I have to say, that's a bit disappointing. His previous bounty was 300Million.
Since then he struck one of the Celestial Dragons, broke into and out of Impel Down, was revealed to be the son of Dragon, and escaped the Marines. they only increased his bounty by 100Million? Luffy's bounty before Impel Down was100Million, but afterward it went up to 300Million.


About Zoro's scar. I've heard that Oda made a goof on the original image for the splash page last chapter.  It was meant to be his left eye all along. I'd be curious to see if that gets changed when they publish it for the volume.
I'm more concern that I don't think I saw Wado Ichimonji on his belt. That was Kuina's sword. The one he was always so protective of. I always liked the idea that after Kuina's death he was using her own sword to reach the top. As if in death she was joining him on the journey.
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This has so far been the most dissapointing time skip of any anime series I have watched. I never liked the motley design of the straw hats and their weird personalities, but now it seems they are even worse in design. I know that might just be Oda's style, but I don't like it.
Let's hope the crew can at least stand up for themselves now. It's been a while since any of the Strawhats could fight back effectively against the powerful characters in One Piece.
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@lurkero: I have always really liked Oda's style its that crazy over the top drawings that give this show a unique feel.  
The Straw Hats not being able to stand up for themselves is because they are (now were) rookie pirates. They had been fighting rookie to moderate enemies (like Buggy), but once they made it this far they started facing the real deal. It is understandable that they got beaten easily. Now that the time skip has happed.  I am willing to bet that Sentomaru won't stand a chance. Perhaps the Straw Hats are so powerful now Luffy wont even need to fight him. He could have Franky or Zoro fight for him. Kinda Like how White Beard does in a fight. 
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@FoxxFireArt:  Yeah, I was pretty disappointed to see that Luffy only got another 100 million added to his bounty. But, on the other hand, He does now carry the highest bounty yet revealed in the series, even rivaling Doflamingo's previous bounty. (if only by 4 million)
This just makes me even more excited about seeing how Kid and Law have changed and what their new bounties may be.
Oh and after looking back at the color spread for 598, and the first look at Zoro after the time skip, you can rest easy knowing that he does indeed still have Kuina's sword.
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Maybe the marines don't have more than 400,000,000 berrys in the bank?
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25
I would just think that the Celestial Dragons would be demanding a ridiculously high bounty now. I can understand why they would want to keep the Impel Down incident a secret, but it was the Marines that announced Luffy is the son of Dragon to the whole world.
I'm hoping that now Luffy will be handing Sentomaru his ass in this coming fight.
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@FoxxFireArt: maybe they will rase it now that they know he is back alive for real. 
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cant wait to see this in anime :D
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i think its not that high because they thought he died but kept the bounty in case they were wrong. i'm sure when luffy defeats the marines it wil go up due to recent activity.
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Chapter 600 is the one with all the marbles, so I honestly cannot wait until next week! I have a feeling that it'll be a longer chapter jam-packed with awesomeness.
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this is my favorite time skip EVER
Luffy, Zoro, Brook (to a lesser extent) and even USOPP have become SO MUCH MORE BADASS!
i especially love the parraleles between zoro's first post time skip appearance and Mihawk's first appearnce
i'm disappointed with franky's look though, also, chopper could have changed more.
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@afrokola:  Me too man, I cannot wait.
What I'm REALLY hoping for now that we've seen an update to the chapter one color spread is an updated version of the cover art for volume 1 when these new chapters get published.

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In 600 they finally united and going to Mermaid Island. I want it!
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chopper is so gullible    
Post by Solitaire (37 posts) See mini bio Level 9
@meizzner:  Actually that's something that has been really bothering me. After two years of solitary research and training Chopper actually seems MORE childish and gullible than before.
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