Weekly One Piece: Chapter 598

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I know why Zoro is missing his left arm. 
Mihawk cut Zoro's left arm off to give to Shanks so he would have someone to fight equally
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@Solitaire said:

" @Kayak: Interesting.  I would have said that Kid and Law were singled out, rather than Kid and Drake. Seeing as Law and Drake were the two to fight beside Luffy against Sentomaru and the Pacifistas, as well as being the only two Supernovas in the Auction house during Rayleigh's escape. Not to mention that Law was the one who saved Luffy at Marineford. I guess we'll have to wait and see. "

I agree and disagree at the same time. I do believe Law, Kid and Luffy wil be the supernova's to do the best in the New World,especially after the incident at Sabaody Archipelago were the 3 have set up a kind of rivalry, Law did not rush into the NW like the other supernova's and decided to stay back and allow the others to fight before he made his move. He's playing it smart, while Drake's first act was attempting to take over an island of one of the yonkou. You dont challenge a yonkou and not get noticed. Though im interested if Drake was successful in taken over the island.
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