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One Piece is back! We all survived through four weeks in hell without One Piece. During this time two years has passed within the story, giving the heroes and enemies time to evolve into something else completely. It is time to begin the second half of One Piece, but will it be as wonderful and exciting as the last? Let’s find out.

The Good

Things has undoubtedly changed for the One Piece crew, like their appearances and their powers, but when all is said and done they are the same characters we first fell in love with. Overall the crew looks a great deal older than their previous incarnations, especially their appearances from earlier in the manga. But best of all Usopp has become a man! He will be taking Zoro’s position in no time. Other than that Zoro has lost an eye (and maybe an arm), Franky has a new Hulk Buster cyborg body, the girls’s breasts have become bigger, Sanji has finally had his puberty and now has awesome facial hair. Though Chopper and Brook are relatively the same. Also back to Sanji, his other eye is showing now, but his eyebrow spiral is still on the left side of his eye. No wonder he only shows one eye.

The Straw Hat crew is now gathering together at Sabaody Archipelago for their big reunion. However, so far most have all went their separate ways as they are slowly being readjusted to civilized life. Sabaody has changed in these last few years, with more rookies showing up ready to enter the New World as well. One of them in particular is giving the Straw Hats a very bad name, and those are in fact pirates pretending to be the Straw Hats. I really don’t know how anyone can fall for that, seeing as they look nothing alike; but hey, even Schwarzenegger is fat now.

But these new pirates are barely a threat to the new Straw Hat crew; hell even Nami can mop up most of them. They will be dead next chapter for sure after they feel the pain of Luffy’s wrath, or Luffy will ask them to join the crew--either way.

The Bad

Of course there can’t be anything bad with the return of One Piece! Well, besides them not showing Zoro or Franky in this chapter. I’m also a little disappointed that Chopper did not appear to be a little older, like a teenager reindeer or something.

The Verdict 5/5

So far, so good. The story is being set up for a big reunion, which should happen next chapter, or at most the chapter after that. But for sure we will be seeing Zoro and Franky next time, and who knows, maybe there will be a new crew member waiting there as well? After all I find it hard to believe Zoro got there on his own without someone to guide him. I can’t wait for next chapter.
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Looking at the overall image. the first thing that catches my eye is the similarity of this picture to the very first splash page of One Piece Volume 1 - Chapter 1 "Romance Dawn". Only Luffy and Nami are in the exact same pose. In both versions, Nami is holding a string of blue gems in her hands, and there are seagulls flying about. The differences are just in the outfits.
You have to appreciate the irony that Zoro was the first to arrive. Though, I'm mainly happy to learn that Kuma didn't do anything bad to Shakky. I would not of been able to forgive him.
I'm thinking that Nami isn't quite ready to fight at full potential yet. She may of learned a lot, but I think lacked the technology to fully weaponize what she has. I think that's what she wanted to talk to Usopp about. I wonder if this means another upgrade for the Clima-Tact or a whole new weapon.
You have to love that there are those fake Straw Hats. It's fitting that Luffy meets up with his fake double.
I'm with you on Chopper. I was expecting some kind of change in him, at least.
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nice to see that the crew really hasn't changed much at all.
Post by Roldan (81 posts) See mini bio Level 7
Great chapter. Loved all the changes except maybe Robins. i really liked the bangs she had before.
Also  why does everyone think Zoro lost an arm. You can clearly see he has his bandana over it and i don't think Oda would remove Zoro's Santoryu. It's his trademark. Also he still has 3 blades.
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that made my day, it really did, also, franky's new body kicks ass, and i miss brooks violin, and the chopper thing pisses me off a little, and luffys at least a little smarter too! (evidenced by him telling hancock he won't marry her)
Post by Kurohige (3,857 posts) See mini bio Level 19

Awesome chapter!
Post by rubberluffy (602 posts) See mini bio Level 16
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  So excited to have it back, I really loved this chapter.
Post by Necrotoxin (30 posts) See mini bio Level 8
Franky is my favorite of the straw hats, and we don't really get to see him *sad face*.
Post by Jinbeifan1 (4,115 posts) See mini bio Level 14
amazing chapter! at first like everyone else i thought zoro did lose his arm but if u look closely at his hip where his swords are u can see his third one so im pretty sure he has it still
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Finally the wait is over. I haven't been this excited for a VERY long time...
@FoxxFireArt: I'm glad someone else saw the update to the chapter 1 spread. That was the first thing I noticed too.

In terms of the Straw Hat's appearances there are several things that I noticed that I'm surprised nobody has mentioned yet.
Namely the giant X-shaped scar on Luffy's chest!

And the Fact that Franky SHAVED HIS HEAD!!!  This is my one qualm with the new look for the crew. I mean Franky without his epic hair? That was one of his trademarks! Not to mention it was a gauge of his fuel source and remaining power. It changed shape if he got tired or took something other than cola as fuel. HUGE dissappointment for me. 
And how exactly was the naming a a new Fleet Admiral left out of the article? 
Yes it was mentioned that Sengoku stepped down in 597 but this confirms it, and coupled with the fact that Marineford is now Navy HQ is pretty big news!
But on to smaller matters...
I find the fact that Zoro's appearance has become VERY similar to Rayleigh's to be very interesting. He now even sports a scar over the same eye! Looking at Rayleigh again in chapter 0 and in the few flashbacks where you can clearly see his face, he and Zoro have an uncanny likeness.
Usopp is now looking much more like his father, having now grown out his hair and is now sporting a small beard, and has apparently upgraded his trademark North Blue Goggles that he acquired in RogueTown* this makes me curious as to how Sogeking's appearance will change should he make another appearance.
And finally, I found the location of Luffy's scar to be very interesting. It may turn out to be purely coincidence, but his new scar is in the exact same spot where Akainu punched through Ace's stomach when he killed him.
I couldn't be more excited about the new chapter and I cannot wait for more. I am VERY excited to see how Law, Shanks, and the others look after another 2 years.
*Yes I'm calling in RogueTown, if Oda went to the trouble of using Katakana for the name of a town I'm pretty sure he had an actual word in mind. And seeing as it's Gol D. Roger's birthplace "rogue" certainly fits.
Post by FoxxFireArt (2,654 posts) See mini bio Level 25
@Solitaire said: 
I've mentioned the X scar before, but not here. I actually believe that is from where Akainu got him and nearly killed Luffy. 
I submitted an article a few days ago where I pointed out all the changes that I saw, but I'm guessing it was rejected. Probably because it just overlapped this coming article. Normally, GodLen doesn't do One Piece chapters till late Sunday.

" *Yes I'm calling in RogueTown, if Oda went to the trouble of using Katakana for the name of a town I'm pretty sure he had an actual word in mind. And seeing as it's Gol D. Roger's birthplace "rogue" certainly fits. "

Actually, if you look at the artwork in the pages of the Lougetown Arc. You can see an arch in town where it's printed in English as "Loguetown". The same thing can be seen with Alabasta. Everyone was sure it was "Arabasta", but the Eternal Pose for the island was spelled "Alabasta". Oda enjoys doing play on words. for location names.
With all the idiotic changes that VIZ does in the manga with name changes. Fans don't need to go around changing the names of locations that artist created. If you were going strickly by katakana Luffy should be called "Rufi".
It's not right for VIZ to make up names the artist didn't intend, and it's not right for fans to do that either. Whatever name the artist created for the original concept is the name that should be used. No other. This is not our story or VIZ's story. It's Oda's.
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My apologies, I stand corrected. Thanks for setting me straight :)
Post by nick152 (1 posts) See mini bio Level 2
@ninjadude853: Not marrying her doesn't make him smarter! I'd marry her in a heartbeat :P
Post by Kayak (469 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Epic chapter.
It's intersting that the locations of marineford and G-1 have now traded places. I instantly thought that was a move most likely to be made by Akainu. I also noticed how out of all the original supernova's, Kidd and Drake were selected out in particular. I wonder if them 2 are casuing the most mayhem or have progressed the most. Im interested in seeing how the rest of the world has changed.
Post by Solitaire (37 posts) See mini bio Level 9
@Kayak: Interesting.  I would have said that Kid and Law were singled out, rather than Kid and Drake. Seeing as Law and Kid were the two to fight beside Luffy against Sentomaru and the Pacifistas, as well as being the only two Supernovas in the Auction house during Rayleigh's escape. Not to mention that Law was the one who saved Luffy at Marineford. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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As much as I hate storytelling with complete jerks trying to fool people that they are the people that we love, it was an incredible return to One Piece that'll likely be put in two anime episodes from the events. 
Also is it just me but is Zoro carrying a new sword in the color spread? I could be wrong, but I don't remember one of his swords' hilts having a flower-like design.  Of course I could be wrong, but if he spent two years with Mihawk, I'd imagine it would be crazy that he wouldn't get an awesome new blade as a memento.
Post by Solitaire (37 posts) See mini bio Level 9
@JBog:  The sword in Zoro's right hand is the one that he got from defeating Ryuuma in Thriller Bark, it's just colored differently from how it has been shown in the anime thus far. Good eye though.
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i think they mean hes not as oblivious as before i mean she was layin it on pretty thick without him noticing before now he actually acknowledges that he knew and kindly rejected her lol if only naruto and ichigo werent so oblivious naruto found out and has not yet talked to her about it and ichigo still hasnt figured out orihime likes him idiot even though he seems like the smartest of the three i dont care how emo he is lol
Post by ninjadude853 (464 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@nick152:  I'm sorry, let me clarify, its not that hes smarter, its just that before the time skip he was too absent minded to even realize that she had a crush on him, and now he does
i worded that comment poorly, he's not necessarily smarter, he just is more aware of what's going on, he's slightly less of a kid
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The chapter could have been better, it didn't really happen much in the chapter.
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