Weekly One Piece: Chapter 597

Topic started by GodLen on Aug. 26, 2010. Last post by wholesale 4 years, 6 months ago.
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I cant wait 4 a month i need one piece and now
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I'm going to build a time machine and go a month into the future .... I CANT WAIT , I wonder how Oda will re-introduce all the characters and how he will show off there new found power :D Any theories?
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Obviously there are going to be big changes not only to the crew but the world. But I think the craziest thing Oda could do but probably wouldn't is to give each of the crew a devil fruit power. I think that would be overkill personally but the series would go bananas is he did that. 
What I'm most interested in seeing is a tie between how Nami wil be able to contol the weather and if she'll be able to keep that string that creates storms. And the sword skills of Zoro, or if he will get another legandary blade. Since he got the one in Thriller Bark and his power went up a bunch.
I can't wait to see the next chapter. So glad I'm finally caught up on One Piece, it only took my 1 year to get up to date with the anime and the manga.
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i'm wondering if chopper will learn to control that monster form of his it would be a big step forward for the little guy. 
i also want to know if luffy will ask hancock to be his vice captain and to let you know zoro is just the swordsman on his crew he is not the vice captain although being second strongest in the crew.  
and what about a commander as well i'm thinking jimbei when they finally reach fishman island. 
and will usopp bring that heracules guy with him  when thet escape the inescapable island.
Post by wholesale (7 posts) See mini bio Level 5
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